Sunday, 21 August 2011

Olivia Wilde in that Chloe Resort 2012 dress…


I can’t get the above images of actress Olivia Wilde in that fresh minty green, pleated Chloe dress out of my head. I lovesssss it sooooooooooo. Part of the Chloe Resort 2012 collection, this ankle-sweeping delicate silk dress with its cinched-in-at-the-waist and deep key-hole neckline loveliness -is a BIG WANT for me…. Demure, yet sexy, subtle, yet rock’n’roll -it’s officially fashion et al’s dress du jour…roll on 2012... Oh and how fabulous is Olivia Wilde???

Fashion et al Hearts Corrie Williamson Jewellery

I love, love, love wood and I’m truly crazy about Fashion et al’s new label crush, Corrie Williamson Jewellery. …This uber hot Jewellery brand is all about beautiful pieces made from wood in the most on-trend way. I’m also loving the boldness and the geometric fabulousness of all the above statement pieces. For more info or to purchase the above pieces visit:

Fashion et al still Hearts The Sartorialist

I have a real soft spot for all pioneers, its not easy following your heart and doing something new as I‘m trying to do with Black Star magazine ….and this film has just made Blogger Scott Schumann, aka The Sartorialist, the original The Sartorialist more real and more fabulous. I’m sure making his passion work for him monetary didn’t happen overnight but now the whole world knows him and wants him …thus paying off big stylee. Good for him, this film clip has made my day.

Friday, 19 August 2011

AfricaFashionGuide launches CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN FASHION BOOK & WEBSITE on the Friday 9th September 2011 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (GMT) at The Africa Centre….

AfricaFashionGuide, a not-for-profit social enterprise promoting the African fashion and textile industry is launching their highly anticipated CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN FASHION BOOK & WEBSITE on the 9th September 2011 at The Africa Centre in Covent Garden.

This event will include a forum with contribution from fashion professionals and industry experts who will discuss and debate on the topics: ETHICAL . FASHION . AFRICA with panellists including:

Liesl Truscott - Textile Exchange

Tamsin Lejeune - Ethical Fashion Forum

Annegret Affolderbach - Choolips

Ola Shobowale - Fashion Show Director

Minna Salami - MsAfropoltan blogger
and more...!


The Africa Centre
8 King Street
WC2E 8JT London
United Kingdom

For more information visit:

****Please note: That this is an invitation only event, please register your space early to avoid disappointment

Fashion et al Hearts Keisha Buchanan

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The latest on Bishop Eddie Long…courtesy of

“A fifth guy Centino Kemp, who looks like a chunkier version of Cedric's girlfriend, LaVita, on The Steve Harvey Show has been uncovered in the Bishop Long sexual misconduct case. He's a 22 year-old singer and Atlanta resident, who received HUSH money in Eddie Long's $25 million lawsuit settlement. Miss Centino has cult leader Eddie Long's name tattooed on his wrist, so what that tell you? Oh, and anyone still attending New Birth church, is just as guilty.”


Diddy is allegedly caught with another man.....

All hell’s broken loose over the pond people!!! Why you ask? Well Puff-the-magic-dragon, sorry Puffy, no that’s not it…..
Diddy has been spotted getting out of his car, weirdly buttoning-up his trousers after spending some time with a ‘male’ companion. The mysterious man then proceeded to come out fixing his slicked back ponytail hairstyle -behind Puff-the-magic-dragon, sorry -Diddy. Of course no one knows what really happen or didn’t happen in Puff’s car …but the nation of Blogland has decided -it proves what many have been saying for some time…..that Puff-the-magic-dragon, sorry -Diddy is on the-down-low!!!! He joins a long line of rap artists like Howard Bailey aka "CHINGY" and produces like Notorious B.I.G producer, Calvin Lebrun aka Mister Cee who have been caught [sometimes by police] allegedly engaging in sex with other men……Ok I’m exhausted… I honestly don’t care if a rapper is gay -what offends me is that they refuse to come out and two have unsuspecting wives and girlfriends and that’s OUT OF ORDER…. Plus most of these men never wear protection -I blame ‘prison culture‘…