Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A N***GER Cake in 2012, -is this for real people of Sweden???

Culture Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth (right) opened a party last Saturday by slicing a piece of said cake....

I’m uber busy right now, -sooo I can’t discuss this shocking issue -as fully as I’d like… but still, I just had to have my say -and voice my outrage at this blatant disregard/lack of respect for the black women… This cake makes me sick to my .....

I’m beyond shocked ….how can this happen in Sweden -a mostly civilised country -and in 2012?

How can Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, Swedish minister of culture and a self proclaimed ‘Anti Racist’ tsar - do this??? Ok so she didn’t make the cake and it might not have been her idea -but surly she could of refused to cut and eat said cake -or even better, -have nothing to do with it or the event -by walking out???

Its been sometime since I felt sooo strongly about ’any’ issue -but this is repulsive …-utterly abhorrent and I’m calling on the Swedish government to get rid of this …woman; -she has as far as I’m concerned, single-handedly, destroyed the perception of the ‘liberal’ educated, peaceful Swede -overnight…

You can more about this shocking story read at:

***OMGoodness I’ve just watched the above clip and the head -appears to be that of a real human being -who cries out whenever someone cuts a piece of cake (mainly from the genital area). This is goes beyond bad taste!!! Its blatantly racist and disappointing. They need to apologise for this… its disgusting..

P.s ….Apparently the human head belongs to a ’black artist’ called Makode Linde -can you imagine??? Said artist was -according to his reps highlighting the plight of African women forced in female circumcision -really??? Is this the only way he could get this ’serious’ message across?  -Really?? Honestly, I’m not buying it -the act was disgusting and perverted…and the artist needs help.