Saturday, 21 November 2009

Rachel Roy Sale ......19th -23rd November 2009

Words of Wisdom: Nicki Minaj -the new face of Rap...

"They're trying..........Could you give us a freaking break? I support all of the girls. Anybody doing something, I support you girls. And I think sometimes the girls think I don't support them or I don't want to see them succeed. Even when they say slick sh*t about Nicki Minaj, I'm still thinking, I wish you well. Because this is a movement, it's bigger than Nicki Minaj. It's just a movement and I want to be a part of something big. Pause." Nicki Minaj [The latest Queen of Rap, -putting sisterhood first,-about bloody time, me thinks!!!]

"I just have a lot of younger fans now and I didn't anticipate that when I came out. When the younger people started really following me I just wanted to be more responsible with what I said and did because I don't want young girls out here thinking that it's cool to be stupid or to be a hoe," she said. "That's not what I promote. I promote being a business savvy girly girl that likes to be witty and have fun and at the same time just balance a career. I want them to take that from Nicki Minaj and nothing else. So, I definitely did change it up on purpose. I've never been a raunchy overtly sexual person so I think that was just one facet of my personality that I showed early on but that's never been the entire person that I am." Nicki Minaj

Music: Fally Ipupa featuring Olivia of G-Unit -Wow what a co-la-bo!!!

I love this ......and Olivia looks hot Fire!!! The future is A.F.R.I.C.A –CA -CA....... African languages are very beautiful, -and at the top of my list are the; Akan, Ewe, Hausa, Ga and off cause -Lingala [as heard above] languages ...................................xx

Friday, 20 November 2009

Fashion et al Hearts Amber Rose

Love her or loathe her...that’s your biz-ness. Is she with kanye or not –I’m soo not interested but talk about her style and my ears pick-up.....-she just has it [in bucket loads]. From the bleached blond hair to that wacky [good wacky –folks] make-up ....via the leggings –I just love her style. Nobody 'gives' better 'accessories' and I never tire of her eclectic collection of shades [she seems to have a pair for every occasion]. I love her edgy-urbanite take on ‘high-fashion’......x

The Spirit: DIVINE ROMANCE by Phil Wickham

The fullness of Your grace is here with me
The richness of Your beauty is all I see
The brightness of Your glory has arrived
In Your presence God, I’m completely satisfied

For You I sing I dance
Rejoice in this divine romance
Lift my heart and my hands
To show my love, to show my love

A deep, deep flood, an Ocean flows from You
Of deep, deep love, yeah its filling up the room
Your innocent blood, has washed my guilty life
In Your presence God I’m completely satisfied

*I cannot imagine a life full of stuff, –a life where I have it all, -a life where I’m ferried around town [where my feet don’t touch the ground]. A life where I am celebrated like a mini God [surrounded by ‘yes people’] –but have no God. My goodness, -that would be a life full of desperate nothingness......a life of void. I love you Father God. Thank You xx

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Music: Madonna - The power of goodbye ...........xx

Your heart is not open, so I must go
The spell has been broken...I loved you so
Freedom comes when you learn to let go
Creation comes when you learn to say no

You were my lesson I had to learn
I was your fortress you had to burn
Pain is a warning that something's wrong
I pray to God that it won't be long
Do ya wanna go higher?

There's nothing left to try
There's no place left to hide
There's no greater power than the power of good-bye

Your heart is not open, so I must go
The spell has been broken...I loved you so
You were my lesson I had to learn
I was your fortress

There's nothing left to lose
There's no more heart to bruise
There's no greater power than the power of good-bye

Learn to say good-bye
I yearn to say good-bye

There's nothing left to try
There's no more places to hide
There's no greater power than the power of good-bye
There's nothing left to lose
There's no more heart to bruise
There's no greater power than the power of good-bye

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Object of Desire: Grey Suede Shoe-Boots Jimmy Choo for H&M

£99.99 Stockist number: 0207 323 2211
Luxury at high Street prices.............xx

Fashion: S/S 10 Boys in lipstick [Inspired by Andre J]....

"They only think of the ethnic man in XXX jeans and Timberlands, and here Andre J. comes along with a pair of hot shorts and a caftan or maybe flip-flops or cowboy boots or a high, high heel." Andre J

"I want people to look at me and feel inspired, to feel hope, to smile. I want to surge positive energy in your body, confirm that you too can be yourself." Andre J

French Vogue [2007]

Andre J -'out of an evening'...

Andre J in his trademark red lipstick!!!

Marc Jacobs for Nars....

Marc Jacobs in Love Magazine....

Some of you might remember Marc Jacobs in full slap [including drag queen eyelashes …see photo above] in the much hyped –Love magazine earlier this year, -or him modeling Nars’ Dovima lipstick and matching nail vanish in flaming red] -in Nars’ latest ads – [shoot by François Nars] for the brand’s 15 years celebration, and suppose he is the inspiration [or responsible] for what I’m predicting is fashion’s next big trend –men wearing red lipstick. Well the lovely Marc isn’t.....-that honor goes to …..Muse, night club promoter and all round fashionista, -Andre J [and I very pleased because this brother has been kicking about in Flas-hion’s ‘outer reaches’ for ages –and finally, mainstream is to celebrate him [and he soooo deserves this accolade –because mainstream has borrowed enough trends from him over the years]……x

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Spirit: Because you are worth it..........xx

I was walking past this lovely church in chichi Barnet when I noticed the message on its notice board -and just had to share it with you.........because you are worth it xx

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Style Icon: Carolyn Bessette kennedy

I use to wonder about the type of woman -the late; [impeccable] John F. Kennedy Jr [the son of Jackie O -one of the world’s most stylish women] would marry? The late Carolyn Bessette kennedy –that's whom!!! Effortlessly chic and elegant -Carolyn was a match made in heaven for the prince of ‘Camelot’.

I loved her style [and still do]. From her hair [a very expensive shade of blond –elegantly scrapped back –opening up her beautiful face. Please note: you can only get away with this style if you have a ‘face’ –and our Carolyn certainly did]; -to the perfect skin, the trademark red lips, very little –accessories, neat and well cut suits and off cause, -the very dashing John on her arms, -Carolyn was always well turned out. Her grooming was impeccable –and her style was innate. Carolyn lacked nothing.

I particularly loved her on her wedding day –in that simple but chic dress [surely -this is the only way to dress on your special day –subtle and chic], very little make-up and her trademark red lips [fabulous]. She also gave good ‘black suits’ [mostly understated Calvin Klein suits] –and off cause, she knew all about the laid back elegance of the iconic ‘white shirt’. Just look at how very modern these images look.....xx

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Object of Desire: Nude Patent Peeptoe Platform by Katia Lombardo


What should you do when your legs are short, short, short and you want to channel Jourdan’s uber ‘daddy long legs'? Buy the above perfect nude shoes by Katia Lombardo and strut........These nudes are soooo perfect -I want to lick them!!!

Fabulous: Natalie Portman rocks V Magazine’s November Issue

I love Natalie Portman, she is sooooooooo ‘fashion’......xx

Race & Identity: Lou Jing

I believe that the world is poised for a new shining star [goodness knows she has suffered enough]. And the new star in question is a beautiful young lady of mixed Chinese and black heritage; –causing a storm in China, –called Lou Jing. The following piece on Lou Jing was taken from: Enjoy..xx

I have never been outrage about a story coming out of China then this one...When 20 year old Lou Jing (娄婧) who is of mixed Chinese and black heritage became one of the five Shanghai finalists on the reality Tv show Go! Oriental Angel, the color of her skin became a national issue on what a true Chinese person is suppose to look like. She also became a target for cruel gossip and vicious racist attacks on Aug 30, when her mother shared their family's story on the show.

The attacks began after Ms Lou's mother revealed at a preliminary round of the show early last month that her daughter was the result of an illicit affair she had with an African American man some 20 years ago.Ms Lou's mother, who is a Shanghainese and known only as Madam Lou, said her Chinese husband divorced her when he found their newborn looked African instead of Chinese. []

The following piece on Lou Jing was taken from: entitled: ‘China Has Some Way To Go -Racially mixed contestant receives racial abuse.’ ………….Enjoy x

China may be emerging as one of the world's superpowers but some of its citizens clearly have a long way to go in accepting its mixed-race population. A contestant on DragonTV's reality show 'Let's Go! Oriental Angel' exposed deep feelings about racial mixing. Contestant Lou Jing's mother is from Shanghai and her father is an African American, she was raised in China by her mother. Lou Jing's appearance on the show sparked a stream of racist comments on the net which included her being labeled the black chimpanzee.

As recently as the 1970s, foreigners were largely barred from living in China, let alone marrying a local. China does not easily accept mixed-race children as true-blooded Chinese: as soon as a child is born, the parents are required to register with the authorities as to which of the 56 government-approved ethnic groups their child belongs; there are no mixed-race categories.

As China undergoes an astonishing demographic shift and more foreigners make their homes in the Middle Kingdom, Lou Jing is by no means the only one being treated differently. Recent decades have seen a surge in the number of mixed-race couples. Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau data show that from 1994 to 2008, each year there has been about 3,000 more mixed race marriages in Shanghai.

'As China continues to open up, this kind of phenomenon will become ever more prevalent,' said David Zweig, a professor of humanities and social sciences at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 'This is part of the process of internationalisation, but we can only hope that Chinese people, including netizens and the people whose views tend towards extremism, can come to accept that there are many mixed-race people, both in China and worldwide.'

Last year, Ding Hui, a young man of African-Chinese ethnicity, caused a stir when he was called up to the national volleyball team, prompting much soul-searching about whether the athlete should be allowed to represent China alongside pure-blooded Chinese competitors. Eventually, Ding Hui did go on to play for the national team.

It may take some citizens in China time to be more accepting of mixed-race individuals and families but there are also many who welcome them, for all the nasty comments that were left on the net there were also many positive ones with some referring to her as the Chinese Halle Berry.

As for Lou Jing, she found the whole experience more than a little disturbing. She did well in the show, ranking in the top 30 contestants before she was eliminated. She's now back to her life as a college junior and well aware that there are some who don't accept her racial background. 'It's really scary to find out how the colour of my skin can cause such a big controversy,' she said in an interview.

Note: If you have a minute to spare please will open your eyes to the level of hatred leveled at black people from less educated Chinese people. Please note: I do believe that the majority of the Chinese public are educated, balanced and do not harbor these negative feelings…..xx