Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Alek Wek graces the cover of Elle South Africa’s 14th Anniversary Issue....

Whilst many of us are celebrating this ‘happy’ cover –others are asking, ‘do black covers sell?’ What I want to know, -really want to know is –‘do white woman buy ‘black covers?’. I feel that many publishers will be surprised to find -many of our white sisters are more than happy to buy glossies with black models/celebrities on. And thus -the debate ensues. -Are there fewer black covers because they don’t sell/the public don’t buy them or are there other issues involved?

I was asked this question by a third year fashion student [doing her dissertation] last week and I decided to get deep. I believe that whilst black women [and men] are seen as: less aspirational, with less disposable income, less fashionable, lacking class, ghetto, uglier etc –there will always be less ‘black covers’. And then she made an excellent point about our first lady Michelle Obama –and her many ‘covers’ –and she concluded, -most ‘black covers’ feature black role models -and [maybe] if we in England had more ‘black female role models’ then there will be more ‘black covers’ etc. –And I agree to a point, because whilst we are blessed in the UK with numerous black female role models [we have politicians, actors, entrepreneurs, models etc], -glossies like British Vogue, -will never put a role model like Dawn Butler, MP for Brent South [who is young and beautiful] on their cover because she is not seen as fashionable.

Fashion is first most –aspirational! It celebrates the uber stylish woman etc –and the ‘real’ truth is, –most mainstream fashion magazines don’t know [a lot of] stylish black women. Of cause there are other [political] issues but I’m optimistic and believe that things will change; –just look at American Vogue, –there’s always [at least] one fabulous black sister -in each issue. What do you think ladies, –do ‘black covers’ sell

Shala Monroque is ‘IT GIRL’ in American Vogue’s April Issue


Monday, 26 April 2010

A Must See: The world’s Richest Teenagers And Me -Tonight on C4, 10pm

From Thailand to Russia, and Ohio to Dubai, [presenter] Mark Dolan embarks on a quest to find the world's richest teenager and to discover if the silver-spoon life is really such a wonderful thing after all. []

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Alek Wek

One of the most inspirational models of ‘our’ time, Alek Wek’s epic rise in the touchy world of fashion helped to break down barriers –and made the beauty industry sit-up and take note. As for her style, [personally] I’ve never seen a photo of Ms Wek off duty –and not been blown away by her beauty [that winning smile], that incredible body, the elegant way she carries herself -and her refusal bow down to [certain] pressures like: bleaching her skin, or adding hair extensions or ‘doing’ her nose etc [because it kind of hard to think of black models who haven’t had their noses 'done'].

Alek’s [innate] style is timeless, chic and classic. Off duty -she's laidback in t-shirt/classic white shirt and jeans combo -but the red carpet is where you find Alek without equal –at her very best, –in elegantly sexy va va voom statement dresses! I’m also a big fan of her headscarves [I rock them too].....x

Trellis, Pagodas, Morrocan Trellis and Bamboo Cane -my latest obsession ...

**Since falling in love with the green imperial trellis wallpaper in Chloe Sevigny's corridor –I’ve gone trellis mad!

Object of Desire: The 'Medallion Rug' from cke Interior design

I’m hankering after this New Zealand hand tufted wool rug –it’s gorgeous! Its so grown up and beautiful –and will clash fabulously with; my plain white walls, blue and gold 70’s curtains, mish mash of floral, leather, silk and zebra print cushions, a small collection of African inspired paintings, brown leather sofas, blue armchairs [with curved wooden arms and legs], four odd lamps, loads of odd shaped glassware, a lovely collection of objets d’art –and King Alex’s Art work [priceless]. To complete the look -I will cover a couple of walls in yellow imperial trellis wallpaper… [5' x 7'6" is $499 and the 7'9" x 10'6" is $799]

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Its springtime and the sun is shining....

How fabulous is the weather right now? It sunny but fresh, and the good people of ‘The Bar’ have taken down their net curtains and we are all cleaning away. I'm juggling caring for king Alex [he’s recovering from chickenpox]; painting over his art works [mainly in the corridor], clearing out the cupboards and getting rid of [more] magazines. But oh what a day! My windows are clean and open, the rugs are clean, objets d’art –are dusted, desk -clutter free and the flat is full of bloom. I have a lovely natural Soy rose candle [sans toxins] I bought from T.K.Maxx quietly burning away and I’m soo happy. Who knew dusting could be so fun?

Object of Desire: L’Oreal’s telescopic Explosion Black Mascara…..

It might not look it, but this [wandy looking] mascara with its globe brush is easy-to-apply and really works. Its smooth formula works to lengthen and separate every lash giving you fabulously natural looking long lashes [available nationwide].


OMGoodness Fashion et al’s a year old! I’m sooo happy [I could fly]….Thank you all for reading, writing to me and just ‘being’ there! As you all know -Fashion et al isn’t just another Fashion blog! Like you, I have many layers –and ‘just’ writing another ‘fashion blog’ would never be enough for me! So thanks for sticking with me through the fabulously unpredictable, ‘real’, ‘out-side-the-box’ ride –that is Fashion et al…..xx

P.s I’ll have a celebratory drink [later on] when King Alex’s in bed….and I’m doing ‘me time’. Paulina xx