Monday, 19 April 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Kat DeLuna

I know what your thinking…..your thinking ..I’ve gone mad [aren’t you]? Kat DeLuna? Yes……… Kat DeLuna! I know for many of you -she is ..sort of ‘ANTI-FASHION’ but she's morphed and Fashion et al has her down -as a future style icon!

I first spied R&B artist Kat DeLuna [of Dominican heritage] about three years ago and thought she was fabulous; –and even though I wasn’t a fan of her ‘cha-cha-cha’ style –I felt there was something about her! Her ‘fashion sense’ was sooo wrong –it was right [if that makes sense]! I got to really appreciate Kat’s style [much later] –as she blossomed from ‘wannabe-Bronx-gal’ with big brassy [bleached] blonde ‘I’m-a-Latina-from-the-bloc’ hairstylee, panda eyes, too pale foundation, cha-cha-cha make-up, jagger-jagger ghetto bling, ‘video vixen’ garb -into a bona-fide fashionista; – sashaying from sleek ‘n’ chic fashionista’ in alice + Olivia and Badgley Mischka to ‘punk-prom-queen’ in Richie Rich!

Kat still has her off days [and why not]! She also has a tendency to channel ‘Jenny from da bloc’ [pre baby] ...but is always fabulous! I love her unpredictable verve –because; no matter how polished or ‘on trend’ she gets, –she can still switch it up and add a little bit of ‘fashion controversy’ here and there. Right now Kat is not just a permanent fixture on the front-row at fashion week but counts many fashion designers –as BFFs .......Go Kat DeLuna....xx

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