Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Jade Ewen............

I love Jade Ewen [Sugababes ] -she has evolved! I also love her story [she is one of life’s modest over comers –google her when you have time]. She is beautiful, somewhat of a glamour girl –and like a lot of black ‘popstars’, -has a propensity towards the ‘shiny-stretchy-look-I’m-a-black-gal-on-the-stage-with-my-own-shop-bought-weave-on’ thing…–but when she is good -she’s very good! If you chart her rise in photos –you’ll notice that our Jade has evolved from North-West London beauty pageant gal to on-trend fashionista….and Fashion et al loves her for it.......go Jade…x

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