Thursday, 22 April 2010


OMGoodness Fashion et al’s a year old! I’m sooo happy [I could fly]….Thank you all for reading, writing to me and just ‘being’ there! As you all know -Fashion et al isn’t just another Fashion blog! Like you, I have many layers –and ‘just’ writing another ‘fashion blog’ would never be enough for me! So thanks for sticking with me through the fabulously unpredictable, ‘real’, ‘out-side-the-box’ ride –that is Fashion et al…..xx

P.s I’ll have a celebratory drink [later on] when King Alex’s in bed….and I’m doing ‘me time’. Paulina xx


  1. Congrats on this achievement Pauline, God bless muchly...Tessy (Diana Award)x

  2. Oh Tessy how are you? I pray all is well and thanks for these kind words....stay Blessed. Paulina x

  3. Happy birthday Fashion et al. As one who doesn't read fashion mags it's always a joy & refreshing to read this blog as this is something I can relate too - my kind of people instead of the stereo-typical antiquated stuff
    printed about us in main stream magazine. I particulary love the inspirational pictures and text. Well done - keep on going. Much love Ingrid xoxx

  4. Thanks for the kind words Ingrid. It’s so good to know that what I set out to do [to celebrate fabulous black fashionistas et al] is enjoyed by the likes of you [someone who is always fabulously turned out]. It means soo much. Stay Blessed xx