Friday, 2 April 2010

Black MODs [Models Off Duty]

Diandra Forrest
Jourdan Dunn
Chanel Iman
Rama [Mimi Roche –just seen in the middle] and Sonja Wanda
Rose Cordero
Yasmin Warsame
Gracie Carvalho
Alek Wek
Yordanos Teshager
Chanel Iman [again]
Rose Cordero [again]
Cici [Ford Models]
Liya K
Arlenis Sosa
Belinda Baidoo
Gracie Carvalho [again]
Jourdan Dunn [again]
Chanel Iman [again]
Naomi Campbell and Sheila Atim
Rose Cordero [again]
Sessilee Lopez

I’m often asked -"what inspires you to continuously come up with new and fresh ideas for your Fashion et al Blog" and all I say is -WANTS/DESIRES… I want and desire to see images of Stylish Black women from around the globe. I want to see high-end beauty stuff aimed at the fashionable Black woman …I want soo much! I wanted to see images of Black MODs [models off duty] this morning and there was none, –thus; I set about creating what I wanted to see. Its not about creating some sort of 'Fashion Apartheid' but –celebrating all those fabulously stylish black women who strut the globe….In fact I would love some one to start a blog with photographs of Black MODs –something like ‘The Sartorialist’ …I believe it would be the best ever blog –the world would love it! I would start my own… but I’m working on about three projects at the moment. Be inspired folks..…..Paulina Opoku-Gyimah xx

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