Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Fefe Dobson

Canadian comeback gal, musician Fefe Dobson’s a funny one! A true rock’n’roller –her music and her style rocksss! A celebrated individual, Fefe [an ex-model] has a sort of European sensibility about her -although she has in the past bowed to pressure –and been caught on occasions doing the pedestrian ‘R&B’ and ‘sugary pop’ princess thing [pictured looking pretty uncomfortable in what I can only describe as ‘Black-gal-shiny-dresses’] - 80% of the time, -Ms Dobson’s is fabulously herself –hot, young, kinetic and relevant. Oh..her music is pretty hot too -check it out at: http://www.fefedobson.com/

Naomi Campbell’s hair causes 'alarm' in Blogland...

I had to think long and hard about whether to put up these photos [because who hasn’t suffered from bad hair, or the shame of your weave blowing –only to reveal hair loss or peppercorn hair]. Well Blogland has already flooded the world-wide-web with these images [and much more] –so here goes… Personally, I feel Supermodel Naomi Campbell should be left alone, –black hair is political enough [on its own without the ‘severe hair loss’ moral panic thing] -and I should know, I’m sporting natural hair right now [and it took balls to do so –even though I now feel as-free-as-a-bird]. I too had thin hair at the front and decided that –enough’s enough and threw away the hair extensions! Please note; my being natural doesn’t mean that I will never wear a wig again –it’s just that right now -natural is me. But things are different for sista Naomi, –the business that she’s in kinds-of-demands the more [perceived] softer –more Caucasian looking hair [right now]. But what Naomi does have going for her -is her beautiful face –and thus, she can shave off all the damaged hair, start again and be free-ee-eee. The only problem I perceive -would be whether her Russian boyfriend can ‘do/have/touch/love’ that type/kind of BLACK WOMEN [if you get what I mean –God help us women of colour –its not easy ooOOO].

Kanye West performs ‘Power’ to open the BET Awards

Kanye's back after -nine months hiatus [some times a brother needs to lay low] and can be seen errrm wearing a mammoth piece of Egyptian inspired bling at The BET Awards. I’m not sure about this new piece of jewellery but I’m glad he’s back –I still have a soft spot for him [Photos courtesy of MTV: http://buzzworthy.mtv.com/

Monday, 28 June 2010

King Alex, Barnaby Bear, the Thames Clipper and Kandinsky…………

King Alex and Barnaby Bear on the Thames Clipper leaving Embankment Pier -heading towards TATE Modern –as happy as Larry…..

London by the Thames -one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world…

King Alex and Barnaby Bear taking in London’s many fabulous landmarks…

Were here...!

Barnaby Bear Loves the TATE…..

King Alex, Barnaby Bear and his daddy in front of a Roy Lichtenstein

The Andy Warhol room is fabulously inspirational

King Alex and Barnaby Bear in front of a of a Kandinsky

Walking towards London Bridge Pier –we stumbled across this sea of flags….

And behold we looked up and saw a Ghana flag; could this be a sign …is Ghana about to become the first African country to win the World Cup?

Saturday, 26 June 2010

I'm loving Nicki Minaj -right now.....

Fashion et al Hearts Santigold

Hot musician/producer, Santi White aka Santigold is a fashion icon in the making! A walking experimentation of ‘colour-inyaface-glitzy-street-fauxfur-crazy-t-shirts-bold-pantaloons-and-some-demure-moments’ –Santigold is stunningly out there. Spontaneous [I can’t imagine Santigold planning her wardrobe advance like some –can you?] and a chameleon, -Santigold’s evolution in terms of fashion and style will make your head spin [in a good way]. She has morphed from ‘hot Ghettonista’ [the only type of ghetto fashion that works for me peps –* Nicki Minaj’s also good at this look] to an all out ‘what-is-Santi-gonna-wear-today’ fabulousness. Whether demure in an elegant dress [sitting in the front-row of a major fashion show], or dressed in bright stretchy leotards, with cap, loads of gold accessories and ‘it’ trainers, -or as a bored Miami housewife in a wonderful clash of colours - I love her regardless because the look’s all her own...........x

Black on Black..................

Sticks and stones............

Home: Southgate Auction Rooms

I went to the auction last Monday, –I’m looking for a marble top commode [not a Neapolitan inlaid tulipwood commode or anything as grand –honey I don’t have that kind of money] –with a little age to sit beside my bed. I went to my nearest auction house –Southgate Auction Rooms in North London [there’s another fabulous one in Finchley but I just didn’t have the time] and even though I didn’t see what I wanted; –fell in love over-and-over-again with all the other odds-and-ends. I’m a big fan of blue&whites and fell very hard for a group of blue&white lamp bases, some gorgeous multi coloured Murano vases, a collection of battered Anglepoise lamps and a very old Persian rug. If you are over flat-pack and MDF furniture –and can’t be doing with some of the jagger-jagger on the high street –then second-hand, car-boot sales, skips [that’s right -skips], e-bay and auctions are fabulous places to buy good solid furniture on a budget [plus it stops your interiors from having that ‘shiny’ new look –that pedestrian ‘high-street’ furniture create]. http://www.southgateauctionrooms.com/...

Monday, 21 June 2010

Feline and Her Daughter Yseult for Comptoir Des Cotonniers

I’ve kept this Comptoir Des Cotonniers advert –forever, and just had to scan it.....and share it with you. I love it...

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Susan Bender

I love the ever-fabulous Susan Bender! Beautiful, stylish and a trendsetter with a lovely sense-of-fun; -uber stylist and creative consultant, Susan’s at the very top of her game –and has become the go-to-stylist for many a-new-designers at LFW and high-end glossies. Well connected [Susan counts Camilla Al Fayed, Giovanna Battaglia, Hannah Bhuiya, Lara Bohinc et al as close friends] -her style, like Genevieve Jones’ -never disappoints. I love that she can be ‘upper-east side’ one minute and a ‘sexy’ eclectic, urbanite –the next! Go Susan...............x