Saturday, 26 June 2010

Home: Southgate Auction Rooms

I went to the auction last Monday, –I’m looking for a marble top commode [not a Neapolitan inlaid tulipwood commode or anything as grand –honey I don’t have that kind of money] –with a little age to sit beside my bed. I went to my nearest auction house –Southgate Auction Rooms in North London [there’s another fabulous one in Finchley but I just didn’t have the time] and even though I didn’t see what I wanted; –fell in love over-and-over-again with all the other odds-and-ends. I’m a big fan of blue&whites and fell very hard for a group of blue&white lamp bases, some gorgeous multi coloured Murano vases, a collection of battered Anglepoise lamps and a very old Persian rug. If you are over flat-pack and MDF furniture –and can’t be doing with some of the jagger-jagger on the high street –then second-hand, car-boot sales, skips [that’s right -skips], e-bay and auctions are fabulous places to buy good solid furniture on a budget [plus it stops your interiors from having that ‘shiny’ new look –that pedestrian ‘high-street’ furniture create].

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