Monday, 28 June 2010

King Alex, Barnaby Bear, the Thames Clipper and Kandinsky…………

King Alex and Barnaby Bear on the Thames Clipper leaving Embankment Pier -heading towards TATE Modern –as happy as Larry…..

London by the Thames -one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world…

King Alex and Barnaby Bear taking in London’s many fabulous landmarks…

Were here...!

Barnaby Bear Loves the TATE…..

King Alex, Barnaby Bear and his daddy in front of a Roy Lichtenstein

The Andy Warhol room is fabulously inspirational

King Alex and Barnaby Bear in front of a of a Kandinsky

Walking towards London Bridge Pier –we stumbled across this sea of flags….

And behold we looked up and saw a Ghana flag; could this be a sign …is Ghana about to become the first African country to win the World Cup?

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