Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Dawn Of Dusk? Indian Vogue tries to celebrate darker skinned Indian models

I got some really funky emails this morning but thankfully –my mate Talib [known to me as Tals] sent me an email about two things; –firstly Indian Vogue latest cover via this link: and a statement about Diane Abbott's race to labour leadership:
“Also, [I] love the fact that Diane Abbott has made it into the Labour leadership race. Yes. She. Can!”  Talib.Choudhry

I love my mate Talib, –he’s always -so on the ball and relevant. As for my views on Indian Vogue, –well I feel it’s a step in the right direction –but just doesn’t go far enough. The truth is, -most of my Indian friends are much darker than the models featured –and I’m thinking that’s the reality in India  –that most women [who are not bleaching] are much darker etc. And as for Diane Abbott –I’m really pleased and ‘Yes she can’. And how was your morning?

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