Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Naomi Campbell’s hair causes 'alarm' in Blogland...

I had to think long and hard about whether to put up these photos [because who hasn’t suffered from bad hair, or the shame of your weave blowing –only to reveal hair loss or peppercorn hair]. Well Blogland has already flooded the world-wide-web with these images [and much more] –so here goes… Personally, I feel Supermodel Naomi Campbell should be left alone, –black hair is political enough [on its own without the ‘severe hair loss’ moral panic thing] -and I should know, I’m sporting natural hair right now [and it took balls to do so –even though I now feel as-free-as-a-bird]. I too had thin hair at the front and decided that –enough’s enough and threw away the hair extensions! Please note; my being natural doesn’t mean that I will never wear a wig again –it’s just that right now -natural is me. But things are different for sista Naomi, –the business that she’s in kinds-of-demands the more [perceived] softer –more Caucasian looking hair [right now]. But what Naomi does have going for her -is her beautiful face –and thus, she can shave off all the damaged hair, start again and be free-ee-eee. The only problem I perceive -would be whether her Russian boyfriend can ‘do/have/touch/love’ that type/kind of BLACK WOMEN [if you get what I mean –God help us women of colour –its not easy ooOOO].

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