Saturday, 26 June 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Santigold

Hot musician/producer, Santi White aka Santigold is a fashion icon in the making! A walking experimentation of ‘colour-inyaface-glitzy-street-fauxfur-crazy-t-shirts-bold-pantaloons-and-some-demure-moments’ –Santigold is stunningly out there. Spontaneous [I can’t imagine Santigold planning her wardrobe advance like some –can you?] and a chameleon, -Santigold’s evolution in terms of fashion and style will make your head spin [in a good way]. She has morphed from ‘hot Ghettonista’ [the only type of ghetto fashion that works for me peps –* Nicki Minaj’s also good at this look] to an all out ‘what-is-Santi-gonna-wear-today’ fabulousness. Whether demure in an elegant dress [sitting in the front-row of a major fashion show], or dressed in bright stretchy leotards, with cap, loads of gold accessories and ‘it’ trainers, -or as a bored Miami housewife in a wonderful clash of colours - I love her regardless because the look’s all her own...........x

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