Monday, 29 November 2010

Stella Magazine, H&M’s latest ad campaign –black gals 'always' rock….

To be honest, I’m over Stella magazine but when I glimpsed the above cover of sister Janet looking sooo fashion forward -I just had to buy The Sunday telegraph. How hot is Janet –right now? I love H&M’s latest ad, –a wonderful celebration of African beauty featuring Somali desert flower, Waris Dirie and the ever lovely, Ethiopian uber model, Liya Kebede…’s just reminded me, -last year Liya starred in the film-adaption of Waris’ bestselling autobiography ‘Desert Flower’. The film recounts Waris’ childhood in Somalia, her life as a supermodel and her fight to bring awareness of ‘female circumcision’ to the world. It premiered at the Venice Film Festival and received a standing ovation.. I’m crazy about these images……

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Fashion et al Hearts: Sunitha Krishnan…

As always I was flicking through the channels, after another unsatisfactory viewing of old favourite, OBE TV (Sky’s 221), –the channel had promised music and thus I had saved it believing that some delicious Ghanaian Hip-Life music was in store, -was it heck! Some promo about a health store -somewhere had me running through the channels when I happened about upon OHTV (Sky 199) which was showing a programme called TED TALK –and I sooo believe God had predestined for me to watch it. The aforementioned show introduced me to one of the most inspirational women / human beings I have ever had the pleasure to observe. Her name is Sunitha Krishnan and I love her, and because I could never do her any justices, feel that the best for you to do is to google her. I am truly moved by this special lady’s story, and hope to someday be able to contribute something to her charity. God bless you Sunitha Krishnan xx

“Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, born in 1969, is an Indian social activist and chief functionary and co-founder of Prajwala, an institution that assists trafficked women and girls find shelter. The organization also helps pay for the education of five thousand children infected with HIV/AIDS in Hyderabad. Prajwala’s “second-generation” prevention program operates in 17 transition centers and has served thousands of children of prostituted mothers. The NGO’s strategy is to remove women from brothels by giving their children educational and career opportunities. Krishnan and her staff train survivors in carpentry, welding, printing, masonry and housekeeping.” Wikipedia (Credit:

**To keep up to date with all Sunitha Krishnan happenings visit:

Friday, 19 November 2010

Words of Wisdom: Dag Heward-Mills

"Delays occur in our lives because God wants us to experience certain tests. He allows us to be tested by delaying certain things. He searches us to know what is in our hearts. He wants to see our response to delays. Many good people become evil during the period of delay. Remember today that a DELAY is what will bring out what is truly in you! Deut 8:2. Be blessed."

**Yep, I know all about delays!

Monday, 15 November 2010

OMGoodness, Rama Yade is no longer in Government!

"I thank the President of the Republic for trusting me for three years. Ministerial posts aside like I've always said to anyone, I leave without regret the work that I did for the Government. I'm proud of the work that I did, both as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Human Rights and Secretary of State for Sports. I thank the human rights and sports family for what they gave me."

"I always made the deliberate choice to stay true to my republican and humanist values. I don't regret anything. I never wanted to deny or silence my deeply held ideals. I preserve it, as a token of my righteousness and my deepest convictions. With the strong support that the French have always given me, I regain my full freedom of speech and action in the service of my new commitments." Rama Yade

I’ve watched Senegalese born French politician, Rama Yade transform over the years, and admired her strength –when she was demoted from ‘Junior Minister for European Affairs and Human rights’ in the ministry of Foreign Affairs in France to ‘Secretary of State for Sports’ –for what many believe was as direct consequence, -of her refusal to run for the European Parliament as demanded by President Sarkozy (or as some believe, –was her outspoken and often public criticism of President Sarkozy). Also Mme Yada has in terms of style evolved from; ashy-foundation-face, bad hair, what-is-she-wearing woman, -into a very chic-politician…I’m truly shocked that President Sarkozy's left this intelligent, warm sister out of his government (after the resent reshuffled of his cabinet). -But I get the feeling... Rama Yade will be back soon, -bigger and better!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

THE BARN (High Barnet’s uber fabulous treasure trove) is no longer a secret…..& Lucy Turner does grown-up furniture for grown-up girls…

THE BARN (High Barnet)

If you’re anything like me, then it’s all about solid, grown-up, built to last furniture –right now. I’m soo into antiques and have a growing collection of beautifully made solid pieces of furniture that my little man, King Alex’s going to inherit one day (he’s soo not that excited, –bless him).. I’m not a snob and buy from car boot sales, charity shops and the odd auction house but my favourite place ever (I’ve never been disappointed) is THE BARN, -a lovely and warm shop, jam-packed with the best and most affordable antiques, gifts, mid century stuff, books, vintage and collectables like the lovely long black Christian Dior dress with low back and tassel detail sleeves -I saw last night for £180.00 in Barnet, North London. THE BARN is an insider secret and thus doesn’t have a website but the contact details are as follows:

2 Bruce Road

Open every day: Mon –Sat 10am -5pm
Sunday 11am -3pm
They also buy and sell
Contact: Susanne on 07932 105 061

Lucy Turner

I’ve also fallen in love with Lucy Turner’s gorgeous re-worked, reused, recycled yummy pieces and just had to share. Just feast your eyes on the ‘Sea Jade’ sideboard and the ‘Set of Three Petal Tables’ above! For more information about Lucy Turner visit:

Friday, 5 November 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Katerina Graham

I’m predicting that actress/musician Katerina Graham of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ fame is fashion’s next big thing! She not only gives good lips (bright pink, sexy orange etc) but is sooo on-trend with her love of eclectic jewellery and to-live-for-shoes. Some of you might remember Ms Graham musically with the smash hit, ‘I got it from my momma’ with with Will.I.Am -and her very own, ‘Sassy’ –all I can say right now is watch this space –I think she’s about to take over…remember I told you first!  For more info on Katerina visit: