Saturday, 20 November 2010

Fashion et al Hearts: Sunitha Krishnan…

As always I was flicking through the channels, after another unsatisfactory viewing of old favourite, OBE TV (Sky’s 221), –the channel had promised music and thus I had saved it believing that some delicious Ghanaian Hip-Life music was in store, -was it heck! Some promo about a health store -somewhere had me running through the channels when I happened about upon OHTV (Sky 199) which was showing a programme called TED TALK –and I sooo believe God had predestined for me to watch it. The aforementioned show introduced me to one of the most inspirational women / human beings I have ever had the pleasure to observe. Her name is Sunitha Krishnan and I love her, and because I could never do her any justices, feel that the best for you to do is to google her. I am truly moved by this special lady’s story, and hope to someday be able to contribute something to her charity. God bless you Sunitha Krishnan xx

“Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, born in 1969, is an Indian social activist and chief functionary and co-founder of Prajwala, an institution that assists trafficked women and girls find shelter. The organization also helps pay for the education of five thousand children infected with HIV/AIDS in Hyderabad. Prajwala’s “second-generation” prevention program operates in 17 transition centers and has served thousands of children of prostituted mothers. The NGO’s strategy is to remove women from brothels by giving their children educational and career opportunities. Krishnan and her staff train survivors in carpentry, welding, printing, masonry and housekeeping.” Wikipedia (Credit:

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