Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Rihanna

I love Rihanna –don’t you? It’s like she has the biggest wardrobe in the world! And even though, -I try to never get too mainstream with ‘Fashion et al Hearts’ [there’s enough plebian blogs celebrating –‘known’ black fashionistas -and that can get boring] –Rihanna’s so hot right now -that I just had to bite the bullet and clap for her! Her style always intrigues… From the ‘Blade Runner-esque grey Hussein Chalayan dress and ‘over-the-knee’ black boots; to the Avant-garde Viktor & Rolf tulle gown she wore to the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards; –Ri makes high-fashion sooo real! And whilst these outfits would be ‘too-try-hard’ on others, -on Ri it’s just right. Mostly, -what I love about Ri is her love of serious labels like: Martin Margiela, Hussein Chalayan, Marchesa and Balmain [whilst other ‘known’ black fashionistas are flashing ‘obvious’ designer labels]….Yep, this ‘International Black Fashionista’ is hot stuff…..xx

I want: Bottega Veneta A/W 2010/11 Gold Wedges

Politics: Desiree Rogers to resign???

There seems to be some storm brewing across the pond! One of Fashion et al’s favorite style icons, Desiree Rogers –is said to be ‘stepping-down’ from her post as White House Social Secretary. I’m guessing that since the White House dinner-gate …things haven’t been as they should. If this is true, it will be such as shame,–this woman‘s not just talented- but a breathe of fresh air…in the stuffy world of Politics…...

Fashion et al Hearts Amelle Berrabah

I love Sugababes’ Amelle Berrabah. She is soo herself –and I love her for that. There’s none of that desperate ‘fashion victim’ thing with our Amelle, –and even though she has some, ‘can’t-be-arsed-days’ –when she’s ready to turn it on –she can kill……From her laidback denim jumpsuit to her ‘good-African-gal’ LBD's on the red carpet, -this Afro-Arab-Saxon of Moroccan heritage, -rocks. Note, even though I’m bored of the ‘half shaven hair whatever’ – only Amelle and Cassie can truly rock it…….Keep on Keeping on Amelle…x

Fashion: ASOS goes African…

Check out ASOS’s ethically made, African collect, –it’s a fabulously fashionable way to help the good people of Africa….xx    

Is it for real … there going to be a Vogue Black magazine…?

I make sure to keep my beady Fashion et al eyes on Italian Vogue’s ‘Vogue Black blog’ [it has a lovely interview with Fashion et al favorite, -Tolula Adeyemi] ...but now there's news -that this blog is going to be turned into a magazine of the same name….with the fabulous Bethann Hardison [black model activist] –as editor-in-chief. Can you Adam and Eve it? I’m guessing that if it’s true -then uber stylist, Edward Enninful –will be contributing in some way? Well I’m going to have to call some people…I will keep you posted…but in the mean time why not check out Vogue Italia’s ‘Vogue Black’ blog at:

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.........together they were beautiful....xx

"Richard is a very sexy man. He's got that sort of jungle essence that one can sense." Elizabeth Taylor

"I might run from her for a thousand years and she is still my baby child. Our love is so furious that we burn each other out." Richard Burton

"At 34 she is an extremely beautiful woman, lavishly endowed by nature with a few flaws in the masterpiece: She has an insipid double chin, her legs are too short and she has a slight potbelly. She has a wonderful bosom, though.” Richard Burton



Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf

These cats made 11 films together –and survived to tell the tale, -even though their ‘Big, Big, Big' love and gigantic passion for each other, –threaten to kill them at every turn....They stared together in three of my most favorite films ...’Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf’, ‘V.I.P’s’ and Cleopatra....

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Almaz women........Oh Daddy God make me an Almaz woman........

She only smiles
He only tells her
that she's the flowers, the wind and spring
In all her splendor sweetly surrendering
The love that innocence brings

Almaz, pure and simple
Born in a world where love survives
Now men will want her
'Cause life don't haunt her
Almaz, You lucky lucky thing

Now I watch closely
And I watch wholly
I can't imagine love so rare
She's young and tender
But will life bend her
I look around is she everywhere

** repeat

He throws her kisses
She shares his wishes
I'm sure he's keen without a doubt
With love so captive
So solely captive
I ask if I could play the part

** repeat

Almaz, You lucky lucky thing
Almaz, You lucky lucky thing

When I was younger –my parents would pack my siblings and me into the back of our family car and drive [what felt like hours or a lifetime] to places like Basildon, Croydon or the seaside –from Edmonton [north London] and later from Waltham Cross [Hertfordshire]. These ‘much welcomed’ detours –meant I was not cleaning the house, or washing-up, or cooking –or doing some other thing(s) -good African gals do at home on Saturdays [I’m tired just thinking about it]. And even though these journeys would drag on [somewhat], –my sweet father’s love of [what he called real] ‘MUSIC’ meant –that our journeys were fun; –and thus all I have to hear is the first few notes /melodies of any Randy Crawford song [Street Life, One Day I'll Fly Away, ‘Rainy Night in Georgia’ and Almaz etc]; Gladys Knight, Roberta Flack, Elvis Presley [Return To sender’, In the Ghetto, The Wonder of You, Love Me Tender etc], Tina Turner [Proud Mary, What’s Love Got To Do With It], Lionel Richie [Hello, All Night Long, Running With The Night], Etta James [At last, I’d Rather Go Blind, Rock Me Baby] –and I know the words. These legendary songs must have gotten deep into my soul –because at a Ghana party [that’s what my siblings and I called family parties] my cousins and I meet a real Almaz....

Tall, willowy and the colour of roasted milk chocolate; –this beautiful young lady managed to keep myself, my sister –and my rowdy cousins quite and spellbound. Dancing in her pretty dress –next to her mother, it seemed that the disco lights had formed a halo around her head –and she was ‘belle du jour’. Her mother was doing a ‘look-at-my-beautiful-daughter’ dance, -the type African mothers do when they want grandchildren –but this was different. This mother was celebrating her daughter in a way I had never seen before –and it must have resonated because years later, –I find myself doing the same with my son. All my Alexander 'Jojo' [he is all of five] has to do is draw a line –and to me, –he is an artist; -when he sings ‘wheels on the bus’ –I hear echoes of early ‘Michael Jackson’ –and when he dances –well!

This goddess beauty –stopped dancing when she saw us looking at her –and smiled, beckoned us over –took our hands and started dancing with us, –effortlessly. There was no attitude, no sadness, no bitterness, no ‘bloodcl***ness, –just warmth and –the type of joy that engulfs you and ‘rights wrongs’. After the music stopped we followed her –as she took her rightful place next to her ever watching, proud and loving mother. All the men came to greet this beauty and as the lyrics of that famous song say's, ‘Now men will want her...Cause life don't haunt her’ –and we watched, -this ‘lucky lucky’ girl.

I still remember her face –all almond eyes, high cheekbones and the most beautiful smile –I had ever seen. I remember her mother calling her a lawyer –because she was studying law...Even now I’m wowed by this memory –and later it came to me; -this Ghanaian beauty was a real life Almaz, ...the very same girl Randy Crawford was sing about. I have stumble across three more Almazs since then –and these ladies never cease to amaze me.

The second Almaz was a seven foot black blue beauty [I now believe she was from Sudan]. I was in the first year of secondary school [I must have been about eleven years old], –and was walking with my then best friend, Jackie -when we happened across this uber exotic beauty. Like all Almazs, –she saw us, -and smiled [she was also the first person I ever saw with a weave-on –and it bellowed in the summer breeze]. Dressed all in white [a shirt and long skirt, -I have never forgotten] the sun seemed to cast its rays only around her, –and we thought she might be an angel. My mate Jackie and I were lost for words. We had never seen a black women with such skin -and definitely not one who was seven feet tall, –and she was stunningly beautiful ...She smiled some more, said hello and waved us good bye. There was no evil, no ‘what-the-hell-are-they starring-at’ ugliness, no nastiness, –just smiles and sweet laughter –as she turned around and caught us glued to the spot -and still looking. That’s the thing with Almazs –their beauty is inside out, overflowing, –without restraint and prejudice.

The third Almaz I spied was about three years ago, –when I was feeling like the world had kicked me in the head. I was pushing my little man down chichi High Barnet –high street when I saw the most captivating sister ever, –and she looked just like Genevieve Jones. Petit, willowy –with glowing, brown skin, -she was literally 'hopping and skipping' down the road, –smiling at the world. Dressed in a retro Ali Macgraw way [dark polo neck jumper, 70’s corduroy shirt and 70’s hot boots], -she was so tiny and so pretty! I think I must have stopped dead in my tracks –because this butterfly stopped, caught my eye, smiled –said hello; she then looked at my little king [he was asleep] –smiled again and went on her merry way. I still can’t get over her hair, –all healthy, dark and glossy: beautifully relaxed and long; -it seemed to swish about [like our Caucasian sister’s hair] –as she skipped joyfully down the! Her lightness [on her little feet] and that carefree demeanour made me think of Almaz.... I had to phone a couple of friends [that evening] to tell them about this sister ...and one of them told me -that to her, –I have always been Almaz...I cried!

My Alexander and I stumbled across the last Almaz a couple of weeks ago [when he was on half term]. We had decided to do, ‘what mummy does’ every Friend [on her day off] –which is to go into Enfield Town, have a hot chocolate in McDonalds’ [cheaper and tastier than the rest], buy some flowers from the ‘one-pound-a-bunch’ flower man –and do some serious budget shopping at the ‘Pound’ shop. As we were having our hot chocolate in the window seat –on the very tall seats [king Alexander just can’t get enough them], - she walked by and stopped to acknowledge the very young, handsome young man who could barely look at her through the window.

I would describe this Almaz as maybe 42 years –but looking and feeling 21. Tall, roasted almond in colour; slender, dressed to kill [in tight jeans, hot boots and one of those very expensive puffer or padded jackets that Italian women do soo well], -with her long, glossy [naturally] brown relaxed hair –moving in that way, -soft black hair moves,-when its owner is in love. I thought I was the only one that had clocked her –but I noticed folks inside and outside –looking, and had no idea that my son had also spotted this beauty -and was pretending to shy away. Full to bursting with joy..., –on a day ‘many’ found difficult to get ‘out-of-bed’, -this Almaz gave me the biggest, whitest smile ever, then stopped to wave at the ‘little man’ -he was still playing shy! She came up close to the window, -winked, laughed, smiled, -and waved and waved as –Alexander waved and waved –then blew him a kiss [he caught it] –and went on her merry way ...leaving my baby boy, -happy, happy, happy –and wanting more.......Wow..

I remember a middle aged wealthy man saying that he preferred younger women because they were less bitter, less cynical, happy and full of life [in some documentary on why middle aged men leave their wives for younger women] -and it dawned on me that –he was describing all the Almazs I have meet, –and even though I don’t know the aforementioned ladies stories, I have observed their lightness, their beauty, their ‘jour de vive’, their happiness, –and I guess there was a time before my resent ‘trials and tribulations’ when I too -was less cynical..But life is what it is, –and I believe in being in my ‘truth’..–And whatever took my joy –no longer affects me [Amen]. I think of the beautiful Ghanaian Almaz –and I’m reminded that even if you are not celebrated by your mother [as she was], –you can celebrate yourself... I think of the Sudanese beauty and I know that its all about –the way you carry yourself; –of the Genevieve Jones look-a-like; -and I know, -its about keeping a youthful ‘lightness’ about you, –and of the last Almaz; I get LOVE –real love......[the ability to love yourself and others –and the beauty of spreading that love –without fear]. Make someone’s day –smile like an Almaz woman.....xx

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Baftas 2010 Red Carpet Fashion...

**The world might be loosing it's head over 13 year old; fashion blogging sensation, Tavi Gevinson [and why not -she is fabulous] but I’m blown away by fellow teenager and uber fashion blogger, Eli aka BETHOSTYLISTA. This 15 year old stylista is an all knowing, future ‘style-icon-in-the-making’ and I love and subscribe to her ‘Hot’ blog called BETHOSTYLISTA at: I asked Eli to comment on Bafta's 2010 red carpet fashion .......Enjoy..xx

Audrey Tautou

Eli: Audery Tatou was stunning many were surprised she was not wearing Chanel! I adored the rosy colour but wondered whether she got confused with the seasons, in London. The outfit's not too matchey matchey but the colour harmonized with the whole outfit. 4/5 Another point is for her red lips!
Paulina: I’m thanking the heavens for the exquisite Audrey. Looking ‘hot-to-trot’ in this hot pink Lanvin dress, –Audrey is a joy to behold....The Hair, the red lips ...all lovely [I guess this is the closest to what I would have worn to the Baftas –myself].......Go Audrey [I’m secretly jealous hehehehe]...x

Vera Farmiga

Eli: Vera looks enchanted! Apparently wedding dresses are a big trend for red carpets, so expect more! 4/5
Paulina: I don’t [normally] like wedding dresses on the red carpet, -I just don’t get it! But the gorgeous Vera looks divine! She has gone all Goddess on us …and I love it. Note the hair [if your dress is shouting –your hair must not]..x

Erin O'Connor...

Eli: Erin always tries to go for the 'tailored' look and it works...just not on the red carpet... 3/5
Paulina: I just don’t know? ......The thing is, –Erin has the body to carry anything off why didn’t she just go for it?

Lauren Laverne

Eli: Lauren looks great, apparently Tom Ford said she was the best dressed of the night. 4/5
Paulina: Wow look at Lauren looking all grown up for E Channel...I love this look [I secretly aspire to this uber groomed, -upper-east side glamorous look] ..Very Chanel..go girl x

Anna Kendrick

Eli: The yellow dress, had to much going on. Pleating, unnecessary pattern, gladitor shoes....A bit too much Anna.
Paulina: If this dress didn’t have the ...erm...’whatever’ design on it, –it would have been perfect.. It looks so delicate and light and happy ‘yellow’...–and very feminine.....

Carey Mulligan

Eli: It is better to plunge in and take a risk, right? Well Carey, I think was the best dressed at the BAFTA's. Her mature dress engraved her womanly curves. However, the dress could be described as over the top but with her Mia Farrow close crop, her overall look is somewhat simple. 5/5
Paulina: There is something about this girl –isn’t there? That Mia Farrow-esque beauty, the pixie hair –and that knowing look in her eyes.....Well what can I say, it’s a lovely dress but far too mature for this ‘style-icon–in-the-making’ me thinks! Something young and whimsical would have been perfect...x

Kate Winslet

Eli: I knew at first glance that this was a Stella MacCartney dress, quite silmar to the A/W 09 collection. I never thought Kate would ever wear black. Anything with lace is daring and she worked it. 3/5
Paulina: If it isn’t broke..blah, blah, blah...Kate, -like Jennifer Anisten likes to ‘keep-it-safe’ on the red carpet...but she has upped her game with this split at the side –and that peek-a-boo bit of lace...-and even though I would prefer her in something ‘a bit’ more daring - she looks lovely..x

Jaime Winstone

Eli: Jaime looked....well, like a cheap Marilyn Monroe. 1/5
Paulina: –I don't understood the fascination with Jamie.....To me –she's a handsome girl who has very interesting mates......still; she looks OK [like a Peckham...Marilyn Monroe]....


Eli: What? Is that really Bonnie from Harry Potter? She looked sexy! This nude tone complients her pale skin tone. Perfect. 4/5
Paulina: She looks lovely! You would think –with the nude satin dress against her pale skin –that she would look ‘all-washed-out’ ...but no siree, –she looks lovely [and that happy smile is the cherry on the cake]...good for her!

Gabourey Sidibe

Eli: Speechless. 3/5
Paulina: Wow what a statement! I don’t know where to start with sister fact I’m kind of lost for words......As a fellow Rubenesque beauty [who has been fighting to get back to post baby weight] I marvel at Gabourey’s unapologetic confidence in this ‘on trend’ dress [nude is hot right now] –and wish her all the love in the world...Go girl..x

Kristen Stewart

Eli: Who would have guessed she wore Chanel... 3.5
Paulina: ….Ok !

Kristin Scott Thomas

Eli: Fur looks horrendous on some people but it looked great on Kristen. 5/5
Paulina: Beauty and hot ‘fur’ drama -nobody does it better than Kristin …….fabulous x

Claudia Winkleman

Eli: This look reminds me of what people wear when going to pubs. 1/5
Paulina: I love Claudia, –she has fabulous style….but I find this far toooo causal for the red carpet… x

Saoirse Ronan

Eli: Saorise has such a wonderful personality, and fantastic dress sense. Yes she is 15 years old! Burberry looks fabulous on her.
Paulina: Wow Saoirse is another 15-year-old taking over the world …OMGoodness! Wow.. she looks very fashion……..[one to watch –me thinks]…

Tamsin Egerton

Eli: This dress adds another five years! 2/5
Paulina: Tamsin is looking very ‘modern’ Veronica Lake.....If she looses the ‘Dynasty’ necklace... it would be perfect...x

Claire Danes

Eli: I like the pleating but she needs to be more daring in her fashion sense. 2/5
Paulina: Claire looks Ok in this ‘on trend’ Grecian nude dress....

Romola Garai

Eli: At first glance, this looks like Erdem, I guess it is. The heels looks a bit too grandma-ish. 1/5
Paulina: Joy! ....Romola’s alive....A bold colourful dress –what’s not to love? I would have teamed it with some uber killer shoes...from Versace’s S/S 2010 collection....x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A must see: Grey Gardens on More4, 10pm tonight….x

Living in ‘The Bar’ I’m surrounded by faded decadence [the fabulous kind]. Predominately errrmmm elderly –‘The Bar’ is brimming with pension chic! There are old cats, –living out their ‘twilight’ years –dressed as they did in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc. From faded fur coats to 70’s blue eye shadow –I love these ladies. There’s one in particular that I love –[but I’m guessing she might have passed-over as I haven’t seen her for quiet some time]. Thin, mean looking [she never smiles], dressed like a 50’s Dior model, with all her own hair –she was the spitting image of Joan Crawford –I think I miss her….. She was always impeccable –and wore blood red lipstick…

Anyway, ‘Grey Gardens’ –the Maysles brothers’ insightful 1975 documentary about secluded socialites –‘Big’ and ‘Little’ Edie Beale; the fabulously eccentric co-dependent mother and daughter duo [they are cousins of Jackie Onassis] – is a must see. As you can see from the film clip above the two Edies were pretty special. Born into a life of privilege, [some serious] style and wealth, -they basically errrrrm struggled [decadently] to look after themselves when ‘Big’ Edie ex husband lost most of his money and stopped looking after them financially…There is madness, far too many cats but you will be fascinated –and find yourself blown away by ‘Little’ Edie’s style! …In the mean time, the Hollywood version is on tonight on More4 - and stars Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore …….Enjoy…xx

Monday, 22 February 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Pedro Perestrello.......

Bar Tyson Beckford, –most male models just don’t do it for me. I like my man to [at least] look like he can handle me [or any other woman for that matter] –and I’m afraid most male models have that wiggly, spritely, emaciated ‘snake-hipped-rent-boy-chic’ thing going. So I got very excited when I heard about a ‘hot’ brother called Thiago Santos [a Brazilian model who works extensively for Dior]. He's errrm...cute [a bit too wiggly for me]...But thankfully whilst googling him I stumbled across another Brazilian model called Pedro Perestrello –and I’m lost for words.....What are they putting in the water -in Brazil? Feast your eyes ladies.....Go Pedro....

Friday, 12 February 2010

Women who inspire me to beauty greatness.....My Beauty Inspirations

Selena Breed....…
Selena Breed....…There is something quietly bourgeois about Selena’s beauty. An American of Caribbean origin –Selena, like all truly beautiful women –has impeccable class and grace. I love her style –and as far as I’m concerned she has it all –and even though I love this Lancôme advert –I have seen better/more beautiful images of her -and she rocks...
Daisy Kuorkor...a beautiful model of Ghanaian heritage....she always wows...

Daisy so soft and natural...a true beauty...

Hershey Pascual is a fashion & beauty journalist of Filipino and Spanish origin. she is even more beautiful in the flesh; has great style and is groomed to within an inch of her life...and I love her...

Menaye Donkor ..Ghanaian socialite, model and the founder of a HIV/AIDS orphanage in Ghana.....…is soo beautiful…

Menaye Donkor

Waris Dirie ..Somalian model, UN ambassador, human rights activist and author is always beautiful..

Waris Dirie ….is always beautiful ….inside and out..

Rachel Ritfeld...model of Surinamese, Ghanaian, Indian, Dutch, German and Lebanese always beautiful...

Genevieve Jones.....she has it all: style, beauty and class .....

Genevieve Jones....cute as a button...

Eva Pigford Marcille...So beautiful..its like the heavens were showing off...

Hermine Wilson....I love this image...the colours continue to inspire...

Liya Kebede...I don’t have enough words to describe just how beautiful she is -plus she has incredible class.

Brazilian model and the sister of Rose...

Dee C Lee …I still love her style…

Grace Jones Iconic Beauty...

Grace Jones....Still beautiful....

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan….Its like the heavens were showing off…again

Nicole Fiscella .....pretty, pretty, pretty

Jordan Dunn...Supermodel, yummy mummy and great beauty...

Sophie Ellis Bexter…’s just not fair…

Diana Ross .....The Boss lady...when I want to turn it on -I channel her..

Kristin Scott Thomas……An English rose…

Kristin Scott elegant beauty....

Beverly Peele…… one of my favorite models ever..

Vicky Boateng ......a British model of Ghanaian and Romanian origin -she is sooo exquisitely beautiful..

Lindsay Scott …how can someone so young be so elegant, poised and so graceful?

Freema Agyeman.....pretty, pretty, pretty.....

Alesha Dixon....pretty, pretty, pretty.......

Krystle Awura Amma Simpson....Just beautiful..

Krystle Awura Amma Simpson....Ghanaian beauty..

Lauren Bacall still beautiful...

Lauren Bacall...An iconic beauty..

Natalie Portman....just beautiful..

Agbani Darego....Nigerian model and one of the worlds most beautiful women...

Lily Taylor...who said life was fair?

kewe Mar ...a beautiful and elegant model of Senegalese origin..

Naomie Harris....beautiful like a flower...who said black gals can't be soft & pretty?

Billie Holiday...The lady

Ali Macgraw ...What's not to love?

Chrishell Stubbs...just beautiful...

Kristin...SATC wouldn't be the same without her....

Ursula Andress....Some gals get all the luck..

Ursula Andress....Wow

Maria Callas.....fabulous,Chic and beautiful...

Sade....I'm so glad -she back..I just love her..

Toccara....The Black Sophia [Loren]..

Leah Weller......a very modern beauty

Elizabeth-Taylor....Goddess of beauty... does she do it?

Alek Wek...Wow that skin, that smile ...

The late Una Mae Carlisle...Men lost their heads over her..

Talisa-Soto...I still think about her ...all these years later -she is still beautiful

Nichelle Nichols...Crazy beautiful...

Nichelle Nichols ....Wow she just gets better..

Sophia Loren....Just beautiful...

The late Tessa Prendergast...A retro beauty..

Diahann Carroll fine wine, -she just gets better..

Diahann Carroll ..a great beauty..

Candice Bergen ..still beautiful...

Candice Bergen ....back then...

Nana Mouskouri...a Greek Goddess -she was always beautiful...

Have you ever been tempted to go to bed in your party make-up only to see one of life’s winning beauties flash through your mind and jog you back to reality? Well the truth is every woman needs someone who inspires and urges them on –whenever the ‘I-wanna-wear-make-up-to-bed-cause-I’m-tired-slut’ raises its ugly head, –and for me it will always be Selena Breed, Ghanaian model –Menaye Donkor, Vicky Boateng, Diana Ross, Liya Kebede, Freema Agyeman, Sofia Loren, Aleshea Dixson, Lily Taylor, Alek Wek, Nicole Fiscella, Genevieve Jones, Elizabeth Taylor, -et al.

These special women are so beautiful and blessed with uber clear skin –and the type of thorough-bred good looks that attracts only powerful and successful men. And they inspire me -daily. Of course you can argue that these are a different breed of women but trust me, –if you follow their lead –you too will feel like a beauty winner. I just can’t image any of these ladies ever slacking off –can you, –plus for most of these women -beauty is their work and their livelihoods. So –the minute I want to slack off, –all I do is picture one of these lovely ladies -and ‘just-like-that’ –I find myself; cleansing, toning and moisturizing [heheheehe]. Of all these ladies Selena Breed is my favourite ‘beauty inspiration’. I first spied this elegant beauty in American Vogue a couple of years ago –discussing her style. An American of Caribbean heritage, –Selena is one of only two black models to have [the coveted] Lancôme ad campaign [Arlenis Sosa is the other model].

Do you have a beauty inspiration’ –if so, the minute you feel like slacking off/forgoing your beauty routine -remember her! xx