Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A must see: Grey Gardens on More4, 10pm tonight….x

Living in ‘The Bar’ I’m surrounded by faded decadence [the fabulous kind]. Predominately errrmmm elderly –‘The Bar’ is brimming with pension chic! There are old cats, –living out their ‘twilight’ years –dressed as they did in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc. From faded fur coats to 70’s blue eye shadow –I love these ladies. There’s one in particular that I love –[but I’m guessing she might have passed-over as I haven’t seen her for quiet some time]. Thin, mean looking [she never smiles], dressed like a 50’s Dior model, with all her own hair –she was the spitting image of Joan Crawford –I think I miss her….. She was always impeccable –and wore blood red lipstick…

Anyway, ‘Grey Gardens’ –the Maysles brothers’ insightful 1975 documentary about secluded socialites –‘Big’ and ‘Little’ Edie Beale; the fabulously eccentric co-dependent mother and daughter duo [they are cousins of Jackie Onassis] – is a must see. As you can see from the film clip above the two Edies were pretty special. Born into a life of privilege, [some serious] style and wealth, -they basically errrrrm struggled [decadently] to look after themselves when ‘Big’ Edie ex husband lost most of his money and stopped looking after them financially…There is madness, far too many cats but you will be fascinated –and find yourself blown away by ‘Little’ Edie’s style! …In the mean time, the Hollywood version is on tonight on More4 - and stars Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore …….Enjoy…xx

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