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Baftas 2010 Red Carpet Fashion...

**The world might be loosing it's head over 13 year old; fashion blogging sensation, Tavi Gevinson [and why not -she is fabulous] but I’m blown away by fellow teenager and uber fashion blogger, Eli aka BETHOSTYLISTA. This 15 year old stylista is an all knowing, future ‘style-icon-in-the-making’ and I love and subscribe to her ‘Hot’ blog called BETHOSTYLISTA at: I asked Eli to comment on Bafta's 2010 red carpet fashion .......Enjoy..xx

Audrey Tautou

Eli: Audery Tatou was stunning many were surprised she was not wearing Chanel! I adored the rosy colour but wondered whether she got confused with the seasons, in London. The outfit's not too matchey matchey but the colour harmonized with the whole outfit. 4/5 Another point is for her red lips!
Paulina: I’m thanking the heavens for the exquisite Audrey. Looking ‘hot-to-trot’ in this hot pink Lanvin dress, –Audrey is a joy to behold....The Hair, the red lips ...all lovely [I guess this is the closest to what I would have worn to the Baftas –myself].......Go Audrey [I’m secretly jealous hehehehe]...x

Vera Farmiga

Eli: Vera looks enchanted! Apparently wedding dresses are a big trend for red carpets, so expect more! 4/5
Paulina: I don’t [normally] like wedding dresses on the red carpet, -I just don’t get it! But the gorgeous Vera looks divine! She has gone all Goddess on us …and I love it. Note the hair [if your dress is shouting –your hair must not]..x

Erin O'Connor...

Eli: Erin always tries to go for the 'tailored' look and it works...just not on the red carpet... 3/5
Paulina: I just don’t know? ......The thing is, –Erin has the body to carry anything off why didn’t she just go for it?

Lauren Laverne

Eli: Lauren looks great, apparently Tom Ford said she was the best dressed of the night. 4/5
Paulina: Wow look at Lauren looking all grown up for E Channel...I love this look [I secretly aspire to this uber groomed, -upper-east side glamorous look] ..Very Chanel..go girl x

Anna Kendrick

Eli: The yellow dress, had to much going on. Pleating, unnecessary pattern, gladitor shoes....A bit too much Anna.
Paulina: If this dress didn’t have the ...erm...’whatever’ design on it, –it would have been perfect.. It looks so delicate and light and happy ‘yellow’...–and very feminine.....

Carey Mulligan

Eli: It is better to plunge in and take a risk, right? Well Carey, I think was the best dressed at the BAFTA's. Her mature dress engraved her womanly curves. However, the dress could be described as over the top but with her Mia Farrow close crop, her overall look is somewhat simple. 5/5
Paulina: There is something about this girl –isn’t there? That Mia Farrow-esque beauty, the pixie hair –and that knowing look in her eyes.....Well what can I say, it’s a lovely dress but far too mature for this ‘style-icon–in-the-making’ me thinks! Something young and whimsical would have been perfect...x

Kate Winslet

Eli: I knew at first glance that this was a Stella MacCartney dress, quite silmar to the A/W 09 collection. I never thought Kate would ever wear black. Anything with lace is daring and she worked it. 3/5
Paulina: If it isn’t broke..blah, blah, blah...Kate, -like Jennifer Anisten likes to ‘keep-it-safe’ on the red carpet...but she has upped her game with this split at the side –and that peek-a-boo bit of lace...-and even though I would prefer her in something ‘a bit’ more daring - she looks lovely..x

Jaime Winstone

Eli: Jaime looked....well, like a cheap Marilyn Monroe. 1/5
Paulina: –I don't understood the fascination with Jamie.....To me –she's a handsome girl who has very interesting mates......still; she looks OK [like a Peckham...Marilyn Monroe]....


Eli: What? Is that really Bonnie from Harry Potter? She looked sexy! This nude tone complients her pale skin tone. Perfect. 4/5
Paulina: She looks lovely! You would think –with the nude satin dress against her pale skin –that she would look ‘all-washed-out’ ...but no siree, –she looks lovely [and that happy smile is the cherry on the cake]...good for her!

Gabourey Sidibe

Eli: Speechless. 3/5
Paulina: Wow what a statement! I don’t know where to start with sister fact I’m kind of lost for words......As a fellow Rubenesque beauty [who has been fighting to get back to post baby weight] I marvel at Gabourey’s unapologetic confidence in this ‘on trend’ dress [nude is hot right now] –and wish her all the love in the world...Go girl..x

Kristen Stewart

Eli: Who would have guessed she wore Chanel... 3.5
Paulina: ….Ok !

Kristin Scott Thomas

Eli: Fur looks horrendous on some people but it looked great on Kristen. 5/5
Paulina: Beauty and hot ‘fur’ drama -nobody does it better than Kristin …….fabulous x

Claudia Winkleman

Eli: This look reminds me of what people wear when going to pubs. 1/5
Paulina: I love Claudia, –she has fabulous style….but I find this far toooo causal for the red carpet… x

Saoirse Ronan

Eli: Saorise has such a wonderful personality, and fantastic dress sense. Yes she is 15 years old! Burberry looks fabulous on her.
Paulina: Wow Saoirse is another 15-year-old taking over the world …OMGoodness! Wow.. she looks very fashion……..[one to watch –me thinks]…

Tamsin Egerton

Eli: This dress adds another five years! 2/5
Paulina: Tamsin is looking very ‘modern’ Veronica Lake.....If she looses the ‘Dynasty’ necklace... it would be perfect...x

Claire Danes

Eli: I like the pleating but she needs to be more daring in her fashion sense. 2/5
Paulina: Claire looks Ok in this ‘on trend’ Grecian nude dress....

Romola Garai

Eli: At first glance, this looks like Erdem, I guess it is. The heels looks a bit too grandma-ish. 1/5
Paulina: Joy! ....Romola’s alive....A bold colourful dress –what’s not to love? I would have teamed it with some uber killer shoes...from Versace’s S/S 2010 collection....x

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