Monday, 15 November 2010

OMGoodness, Rama Yade is no longer in Government!

"I thank the President of the Republic for trusting me for three years. Ministerial posts aside like I've always said to anyone, I leave without regret the work that I did for the Government. I'm proud of the work that I did, both as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Human Rights and Secretary of State for Sports. I thank the human rights and sports family for what they gave me."

"I always made the deliberate choice to stay true to my republican and humanist values. I don't regret anything. I never wanted to deny or silence my deeply held ideals. I preserve it, as a token of my righteousness and my deepest convictions. With the strong support that the French have always given me, I regain my full freedom of speech and action in the service of my new commitments." Rama Yade

I’ve watched Senegalese born French politician, Rama Yade transform over the years, and admired her strength –when she was demoted from ‘Junior Minister for European Affairs and Human rights’ in the ministry of Foreign Affairs in France to ‘Secretary of State for Sports’ –for what many believe was as direct consequence, -of her refusal to run for the European Parliament as demanded by President Sarkozy (or as some believe, –was her outspoken and often public criticism of President Sarkozy). Also Mme Yada has in terms of style evolved from; ashy-foundation-face, bad hair, what-is-she-wearing woman, -into a very chic-politician…I’m truly shocked that President Sarkozy's left this intelligent, warm sister out of his government (after the resent reshuffled of his cabinet). -But I get the feeling... Rama Yade will be back soon, -bigger and better!

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