Monday, 29 November 2010

Stella Magazine, H&M’s latest ad campaign –black gals 'always' rock….

To be honest, I’m over Stella magazine but when I glimpsed the above cover of sister Janet looking sooo fashion forward -I just had to buy The Sunday telegraph. How hot is Janet –right now? I love H&M’s latest ad, –a wonderful celebration of African beauty featuring Somali desert flower, Waris Dirie and the ever lovely, Ethiopian uber model, Liya Kebede…’s just reminded me, -last year Liya starred in the film-adaption of Waris’ bestselling autobiography ‘Desert Flower’. The film recounts Waris’ childhood in Somalia, her life as a supermodel and her fight to bring awareness of ‘female circumcision’ to the world. It premiered at the Venice Film Festival and received a standing ovation.. I’m crazy about these images……

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