Friday, 9 April 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Michelle Williams…..

I know that some of my mates will see lovely Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child fame here and think I've lost my ‘high-fashion’ mind …….believing sista Michelle -belongs to the, ‘shiny-polyester-acrylic-over-the-top-weave-on-drag-queen-I-wear-stage-make-up-on-the-streets’ club! Well folks -look again! Take another look at the above photos-s-s-s of the newly scrubbed-up, pared-down uber fashionable Ms Williams’ doing her style thing... You’ll find the make-up light, light, light and natural; the hair –weave less [or shorter and more fashion forward] –and the shiny ‘black gal’ dresses –made from silks, jerseys etc .... …Bravo Ms Williams you have evolved and Fashion et al loves yaaa-ya-ya for it! And for those of you still needing further proof -that a fashion evolution is taking place in our Michelle’s life …–she was spotted at both the Ashish and the Bora Aksu Spring/Summer 2010 Collections looking fabulous [during London Fashion Week]….go Michelle….….xx

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