Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Words of 'Fashion' Wisdom: Diana Vreeland

"Balenciaga did the most delicious evening clothes. Clothes aren't delicious any more."

“In Europe, there is more of a snap in the air.”

“Never worry about the facts. Just project an image to the public.”
“Why Don’t You paint a map of the world on all four walls of your boys’ nursery -so they won’t grow up with a provincial point of view?”

“No one cuts backs like he did. No one knows what a back is anymore.”

“You gotta have style. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it you’re nobody. I’m not talking about a lot of clothes.”

"Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola."

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you've got that, the rest really comes from it.

“I’m terrible on facts. But I always have an idea. If you have an idea, you’re well ahead!”

"Elegance is innate. It has nothing to do with being well dressed. Elegance is refusal."

“Why Don’t You -wear violet velvet mittens with everything?”

"I always wear my sweater back-to-front; it is so much more flattering."

“Why Don’t You wear, like the Duchess of Kent, three enormous diamond stars arranged in your hair in front?”

"I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity."

"In a Balenciaga you were the only woman in the room - no other woman existed."

“Why Don’t You have your cigarettes stamped with a personal insignia?”

"Pink is the navy blue of India."

“Why Don’t You have an elk-hide trunk for the back of your car? Hermès of Paris will make this.”

“Poor, darling fellow - he died of food. He was killed by the dinner table.”

“Why Don’t You fit your clothes easily? Only English and Americans have this mania for snappy tightness.”

“What do I think about the way most people dress? Most people are not something one thinks about.”

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