Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Jessica White 4 Sean Penn

My mate Ms Nanalious and I were talking about black-gal-wannabes [personally I’m a big fan of there’s] and just how very easy it is to become famous –right now [I disagree by the way –it takes balls and killer confidence to stand up and be counted]. We talked about the ubiquitous nose job, the skin bleaching, the lace-front wig and the coloured contact lenses –and got into a very heated conversation about the very ‘alive’, Jessica White –of whom I’m a fan! Nana was convinced that all the aforementioned had made it very possible/easy for Ms White to make it –but I disagree. Surly we all know of gals or sisters in the errr [sort of] public eye who have that look but are still struggling to be spotted in Movida never mind by some scouting agent!

In fact, its two things that have helped to catapult this talented gal into the public domain –and one of them is how very clever she is [many rumours abound of just how very clever Jessica White is] and of course, -her very thin body [plus, I don’t know if she bleaches.... that’s her business –even though certain black blogs call her, -Jessica ‘Ashy’ White]. Also, I truly believe that unlike when I was growing up in Ghana, –women are no longer beautiful because they have naturally beautiful faces –no sirrreeee! You can have a face like a hammer-head shark but as long as you’re rail thin [in the west anyways] –you are deemed beautiful. But truly, I love Jessica. She has the balls to get up of a Morning –and put her best foot forward, –plus she rocks –she can pay her own rent! Jessica White’s so much more than the aforementioned errrm ubiquitous qualities or her body, -she’s a Victoria Secret’s model –and that’s what I want to be when I grow-up! She has also been linked to some killer gorgeous men.....and is now all over Blogland because of her hook-up with the ever fabulous Sean Penn [clever gal] –oh, if you haven’t already been bombarded with this one –google her. For more info about model Jessica White visit:

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  1. Nice post, I also dream of being a VS model, they are all so stunning and amazing on the runway!