Saturday, 17 September 2011

“Gloss” by Tanausu Herrera featuring Korlekie designs….

Looking for more information about hot new design label Korlekie ( by Beatrice Korlekie Newman, I stumbled across the work of photographer Tanausu Herrera and I’m crazy about her work and hugely loving the clip above. I’m inspired and feel this is the way forward, and a wonderful way to promote my magazine …. Anyway you can check out Tanausu Herrera’s portfolio at:
More Info about the film clip..
Fashion film featuring designs by Derek Lawlor, Ara Jo and Beatrice Newman
Direction Tanausu Herrera
Models: Leanne Friel & Dieny Itoe @ Zone Models
Hair: Koji Ichikawa
Make Up: Ken Nakano
Edit & Post: Hacksquad
Sound: Sergio Cabrera
Visual Projections: Johnathan Rich

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