Sunday, 30 October 2011

Alexander's Roman Poject........ Must be in on Tuesday...

My baby's class spent last term covering all aspects of Roman culture and was given a project over the half term holidays -to find out more about how the Romans dressed and its sooo interesting. We visited the British Museum -and I’m truly amazed to see how Roman and Greek ancient styles of dressing has (and continues to) inspired and influenced many of our favourite designers over the years...its really a revelation! Once you get over -how brutal Roman society was, -women, children, slaves and foreigners (unless they became freemen) were all excluded from society/rights/voting/property ownership etc - you can appreciate their talents/skills -from their ornate jewellery to their Egyptian cotton tunics & togas and incredible leather sandals. Its make you marvel at the creations of the likes of Madame Gres….

After that we visited the British Museum’s Africa section, something we do often, and checked out our people, the Ghanaian section -and even though we’ve visited this section numerous times, -a piece of information caught me eyes -and I truly believe its uber exquisite -and the next ‘it’ cream!!! Its noted that when my people were getting important people ready for burial -they would embalm the dead body with Shea butter and gold!! … Of course both are readily found in Ghana -but how decadent is that? I’m predicting after reading this piece -most Shea butter manufactures will be mixing this healing balm with gold…xx.

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