Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fashion et al Hearts Coco & Breezy

Sorry for the lack of postings folks…but life took over -hopefully I’m back -now!!! Anyway…I’ve loved eyewear and accessory designing guru twins du jour since I stumbled across their collection early last year… A fabulous cross between Tina Turner’s ‘Welcome to the Thunderdome’ look and Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ verve -Coco & Breezy are club-kid-punk-fresh. From the bleach blonde eyebrows and green hair to their love of leather, studs and of course their shades -their look is all their own and Fashion et al is predicting world domination. To check out their latest eyewear collection (Gaga and yummy mummy Beyonce are fans) called ‘Rainy Days’ and fronted by fashion et al favourite model, Diandra Forrest visit:

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