Sunday, 27 September 2009

Hair: Solange Knowles is free

Some time back there was jagger-jagger drama in Blogland. Solange Knowles had dared to cut her [own] hair -and the errrmm crew cut caused such a furore -that I refused to jump on to the bandwagon. Many claimed Solange had gone mad [Britney stylee], or was desperate for some much needed publicity [she had a new album to promote], -and that the constant comparisons with her sister Beyonce had finally gotten to her. Fast forward a couple of months and just look at Solange now -looking fierce and on trend -and in her 'truth'. God Bless her. Personally, I love her hairstyle. She looks soooo free [and how many of us can say that?]. I would love to just 'wash and go' -like my Caucasian sisters [and this hairstyle lends itself to -thus lifestyle!]. The simple truth is, -like many of you -its a dream of mine -to have a simple hairstyle that would be fine even if I were caught in the rain. And back in the day...I also cut my hair short and felt soo free -as I showered, washed, greased -and strutted. Low maintenance, chic and honest [in a way that a full head of weave will never be] -our Solange is experiencing a new level of freedom that many of us are too afraid to feel [even though we want it sooo badly] ....Go Solange ...rock on with your hot self...xx

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