Sunday, 27 September 2009

Madame Chantel Biya -the very best of 'winning-woman-of-africa-ca-ca'.....

As the daughter of the Elizabeth Taylor of Ghana, I just had to celebrate Madame Chantel Biya -the first lady of Cameroon. Not only does she look like my mother and most of my aunties and very soon -myself [folks believe me, when I say that -this happens to all the women in my family......-the older we get ..the more ambitious we become] -but she is the very embodiment of the successful African woman. Madame Chantel Biya is what I call 'winning-woman-of-africa-ca-ca'. Big, red [if you are not born red skinned - it does not matter -as the red complexion can be bought -in shiny tubes from any African city], small feet and the great big HAIR -are all prerequisites for 'winning-woman-of-africa-ca-ca'. Like Russia, Thailand et al, -African is also a place where the right type of beauty -can catapult you from abject poverty -to first lady status in the blink of an eye. And in the case of Africa [well most of Africa anyhow] -the ability to colour your eyebrows -red/light brown, wear big weave-ons and paint your lips red -are not to be trifled with [it saves lives oOO]. If you are under the impression that hers is an easy ride -then beware, because it's not all about shopping in Paris or staying at Trump Tower! No sirree. Days spent in high heels -in the African heat; -weeks spent in couture jackets [yes oOO, -the first ladies of Africa have their countries GNP at their disposal -and as for their countries GDP -well it be Bank account oO] in the heat, *years of elegantly wearing weave-ons the size of garden hedges -in the burning African heat and the overwhelming lust of younger, hungrier 'up-starts' desperate to take your place, -is soo not easy! And so it's only right to celebrate, Madame Chantel Biya -the very best of 'winning-woman-of-africa-ca-ca'. xx

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