Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I blame it all on Benicio Del Toro!

I spiralled out of control -today! I did the type of shopping I used to do before my bank manager cut up all my credit cards five years ago and I blame it all on Benicio Del Toro! I was minding my own business, chilling with my little man, when I sported the ever elusive Metro, took one and stumbled across a story that has left me feeling very, very weird! Kimberley Stewart is having del Toro’s baby it screamed and B4 u can say ‘Jack Rabbit’ my little man and I took a detour, headed west and all I can say is that if I had had a bit more money, -Selfridges would have been emptied! I can’t believe it! I soooooo didn’t know that I still had a crush on that actor! How long ago was Traffic? Anyway like I said I’m kind of weird at the moment and my mate -Mz jagger-jagger told me to get a life, and you know what, she’s right -and I promise to get one tomorrow but for tonight -I just want to wallow! Because even though I’ve been happily single for nearly seven years, -I still need that fantasy man thing!!! -Who am I going to fantasize about -now? HELP….xx

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