Friday, 13 May 2011

Fashion et al Hearts Ana Araujo

I’m a big fan of Ana Araujo! I share this because my mate Nana (I-only-like-people-I-like) is soooo not a fan. Apparently, Mz Araujo is a clever Gal.. (this what she would be called in Ghana), as in -young pretty gal, old, old, rich white guy and exposure etc! But I honestly don’t think that Ana is clever in that jagger-jagger-ambitious way! I truly believe this beautiful Brazilian artist/polo coach is genuinely having the time of her life with a man who has uber experience, who keeps her stimulated and entertained -and most importantly, someone who can teach her something etc, etc!!! Anyway, regardless -I like her, her style and her love of high-end designer garb. I’ve watched this beauty’s metamorphic rise from messy bed hair to sleek Brazilian relaxed hair, from cha-cha-cha make-up to groomed to within-an-inch of her life and from sloppy t-shirt & jeans combo to high-fashion fabulousness. Plus I love her name! Good for you hot gal….x

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