Monday, 23 May 2011

“Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” -Satoshi Kanazawa’s statement continues to shock…

In a world where our Caucasian sisters are spending millions a year on fake tan, hair extensions and injecting collagen into their lips -to plump them up, where our south Asian sisters are bleaching their skin, wearing coloured contact lenses and lightening their hair, where our oriental sisters are also lightening their skin, having their eyelids restructured (to allow for eyelashes and that all so coveted -big eyes look), their nose bridges heightened, and the tips of their noses altered, -where our Mediterranean sisters have dyed their tresses Scandinavian blonde -and black sisters bleach their skin and wear straight hair extensions etc ----where does the not so attractive Satoshi Kanazawa get off -singling out black women as the most unattractive?

Self hate is found in all races, -and plastic surgery is indulged in by all. We all know about stereotype too. We’ve all heard the: -Black men have big penises, Oriental men have small penises. That Jewish people have big noses, black people have big lips. White women have no lips, Mediterranean sisters are hairy. And so forth and so forth.. -Are these stereotypes true? -Maybe one or two of said people/race may have these characteristics but most people come in their own special way …what is true, -is that we all have preferences when it comes to what/whom we find attractive and I’m guessing that Mr Satoshi Kanazawa who may or may not have a small penis -just doesn’t find women like me attractive. -And if this is the case then he has every right to feel this way -but please don’t justify it with science and S%$@ and make it out that its a scientific FACT -that ‘Black Women are Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women’.

This negativity has been going on since slavery -and I'm sick of it. -Because black women are more likely to blamed for society’s ills than other races, tend to be poorer and are seen as aggressive (lets not go there about hot tempered Italian mammas or Latina women -as their tempers are seen as sexy) -and are always compared to other women -especially Caucasian women (who are perceived as being at the top of the aesthetic hierarchy -due to position, power and economics etc, even though many will agree when I say -its all about mix race women -they are truly celebrated) -there will always be those who will always see women like me as inferior and therefore less attractive. Personally I think its all about preferences and therefore -subjective. And as I have never come across a human-being I find more superior -than myself -...I just don’t give a s*&%@ about what one mere man thinks of me or my race.

I’m not going to justify how beautiful black women are, why should I? Nor do I want to talk about the ‘Hugh Grant’ thing, -that ‘intrigue’ other races have with black skin etc -or the role slavery and thus poverty (lack of political or economic powers) has played in the perception of black people -period, but I do want to point out that this debate will pass, just like the ‘Are Men Superior to Women s@%8‘ -passed.

Also, some folks will use anything to justify their views and Satoshi Kanazawa is doing just that. -And he’s not alone, -we all know of black/brown/white/yellow people who hate themselves and thus -hate others.

**P.s As I started looking for images to accompany this piece - it just dawned on me just how very sad it all is! -The self hate and the pressure for women of all races to conform to some image or the other. God help us all. If men are judging us -we can’t afford to do it to ourselves or each other. Kindness ladies -that’s what we need from each other.


  1. God Knows... Y They Feel Such Inferiority complex after all we are the child of God...

  2. Unbelievable a so-called 'academic' could publish such rubbish!

  3. I saw a poster in the window of a tanning salon advertising an 'all over glow'. The picture accompanying it was of a beautiful mixed race girl. Enoch Powell must be drowning in his metaphorical river of blood!

  4. People can tan all they want.....but those fake tans will never have the natural glow that black skin has........tanning is not look unnatural......