Thursday, 21 July 2011

Adjoa Osei -fashion’s new darling…

“Adapt: Reshaping the way we view and wear prints. Adapt is an eight piece, limited edition capsule collection with hand woven detail. The focus of Adapt is clean lines and classic shapes with injections of print, colour and detail. As a prelude to the winter collection, Adapt explores the different ways that smart/casual wear can be enhanced by African print. Gone are the days when prints were sporadically featured in 'safari' inspired collections or dusted off for cultural celebrations. Prints defy seasonal trends, and can be dressed up or pared down. The options are infinite. Season by season, trend by trend, I invite you to join me in this creative dialogue.” Adjoa Osei

Elegant, modern and a-must, I’m loving this new eight piece, limited edition capsule collection called Adapt by Adjoa Osei. Alerted by one of London’s uber stylish, Emefa Anthony -to check out her new label crush, Adjoa Osei is now Fashion et al’s label du jour. Just feast your eye on the above pieces. The style, cut, details and colours are on-trend for A/W 2011, something that many so called African labels are not. I’m looking forward to shooting some of the pieces for Black Star magazine. For more information or to order the above pieces visit:


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