Monday, 26 October 2009

Don’t Believe The Hype: A Black Lara Stone in French Vogue

I have been meaning to write about the latest uproar in Blogland -forever. Lara Stone –mainstream’s model de jour was painted black for French Vogue’s October issue [it was dedicated to supermodels] –and some folks aren’t happy! Shot by Steven Klein and styled by Carine Roitfeld, –Lara is painted all black [and looks great by the way –heheheeh] in what can only be describe as a ‘wannabe controversial’ shoot [goodness knows how folks are suppose to sell glossy magazines in this credit crunch!] entitled ‘Contemporary Blackface’. Personally, I see it for what it really is, -another clever piece of hype –all done in the name of very clever marketing –in [a] very desperate time.

After the uber exposure and the incredible publicity garnered by the ‘All Black Italian Vogue’ –why not a black Lara Stone? I have had this idea forever, –the idea of using Nicola Roberts [the lovely redhead in Girls Aloud] in my magazine aimed the chichi black sister –because she is the very flip-side, the very opposite of the black woman –no?? It’s all about Art, expression –and maybe a little bit of desperate selling –and very clever marketing but not racism as some in Blogland are claiming.

Yes one could argue that French Vogue should have booked a black model for this shoot –but would we be talking about it? No sirree. I don’t think that French Vogue readers or me or you -would have batted an eyelid [well maybe me -because I always get excited when I see black models in the ‘Vogues’ –but you get my point?] If the lovely Lara was left in her natural state –I would have just flicked over to the next page –but because of this hullabaloo, –these images are now firmly stuck in my mind and that I feel is what Carine Roitfeld wanted, –and good for her. What do think folks? xx

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