Sunday, 11 October 2009

Fashion et al Hearts Joy Vieli

I first spied Joy via her Myspace page about four years ago; -when she was a jobbing model -somewhere in Austria [I think?]. Fast forward three years and I'm trying to get an interview with her. Fast forward four years and my lovely mate Tals bumps into her at some hot event or the other, -and is telling her that she is fabulous and that she needs to be on his [hot] friend's Blog [that's moi -folks] etc. My friend Tals, is a treasure trove of all things: hot, relevant and stylish, -and if he says someone is hot -they are!! Well you can image my excitement [and his happy disappointment] when I told him that Joy and I have chatted via Facebook -and that I have already approached this 'model/social butterfly' -and hopefully the interview will happen soon. As for Joy style -I love it. Dark-Afro-Gothic-rock-n-roller or glamorous-kanye-gal, Joy is never predictable and that hair! Funny enough, -she is on the cover of Black, Hair and Beauty [I saw it in the library] and looks beautiful. I predict that we will be seeing more of Joy -as chichi mainstream [always behind] starts to celebrate this 'new' style icon.....xx

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