Thursday, 12 August 2010

Kanye West’s “We Were Once A Fairytale”

I once knew a guy who lost his beloved mother –he was never the same again.....and it got me thinking about Kanye West and the crazy time he’s having and then I remembered this film! I still don’t truly know what it means –even though a few plebs claim to know on YouTube... With Amber Rose moving on –and rumours of alcoholism still doing the rounds –I wonder if Kanye still wants it all? As an intellectual, an artist and creative genius, a style icon and fabulous musician, –I bet Kanye wishes he could go back..........way back.....way before the fame...way the time he was recovering from that ‘accident’ –when he was dreaming of how/when/what would happen when he makes it!!!! .... Big Love to you Kanye....Sweets, why not go to Northern Ghana for a year or so.....volunteer to teach or maybe work in one of the many children’s homes there –and get off the hamster wheel of life. Then -eat, sleep and pray? Fashion et al is sending out oodles of ‘Big Love’ to you Kanye... xx

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