Thursday, 12 August 2010

Vogue Italia does the Gulf of Mexico

(Images courtesy of Vogue Italia at

The lovely Natasha sent me a link to Vogue Italia’s ‘Water & Oil’ shoot –and I’m truly grateful. Natasha loves the shoot and finds it, “moving & a bit shocking” –and I agree! The thing is, -I’m guessing that Vogue Italia’s ‘Water & Oil’ -is a fashionable interpretation of the environmental catastrophe that happened in the Gulf of Mexico (an oil spillage that continues to damage the earth and wildlife in its wake), -then hopefully it’ll help to highlight just how environmentally fragile the earth is –but I’m guessing that mostly, –folk will be blown away by the creatives involved (including: fab photographer, Steven Meisel, the astonishing youthful Kristen McMenamy, make-guru Pat McGrath and the Set design by Mary Howard), -but if you are anything like me, –you’ll be blown away by the kaleidoscopic amounts of uber fabulous pieces Vogue Italia’s were able to call-in for the shoot –considering that most of these garments were going to be treated soo harshly, its reminded me again of the power of the Vogues –what do you think? You can watch a behind the scence footage of the shoot at: Enjoy..xx

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  1. what next? Perhaps a shoot set in the mudslides of China or a 'super'model modelling swimwear in the flood waters of Pakistan as dispossessed locals look on. This shoot amounts to not-so-shocking shock tactics and all it tells me about fashion is how foolish and insular the people who populate the industry can be. It shows about the same level of social awareness and concern as Naomi 'what is Liberia?' Campbell, the part-time 'charity' campaigner and full time hypocrite. Filth in every sense of the word.