Thursday, 5 August 2010

Naomi Campbell testifies about blood diamonds at war crime trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor.......

I’m exhausted by all the negativity arrowed against Naomi Campbell and feel that she would have been -better equipped if she had worn a cross and not an ‘evil eye’ amulet around her neck. She’s a beautiful woman, –who caught the eye of a crazy dictator –and was given a gift....surly we have all experienced something (sort of) similar? ....Just uploaded onto YouTube, -this film clip has already got the plebs -talking a-whole-load-of-rubbish about this complicated but loving lady (who, –in my eyes, -has had her own ‘road-to-Damascus’ transformation). I’m sending big love ...Naomi’s way........x

You can read more about this trial at:

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