Saturday, 12 February 2011

I’m running out of petals………..Happy Red Heart’s Day

I’ve always believed that we gals fall into two camps, the Victoria's Secret Angels and the Bridezillas -and I’m most definitely the former. I’ve found myself watching the desperate Bridezillas, a group of women who should have been born princesses and weren’t -trying to fit into one day, all that life owes them and making everyone pay for their shortcomings -whilst their very ordinary grooms-to-be spend the entire episode tallying up their monies, or lack off -not for me sweets. But you just known by Adriana Lima statement in this Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts from Victoria’s Secret, “Why would you be with that man anyway” -that the Angels know their self worth and would never compromise, and why should they? Yep, I want to be a Victoria Secret Angel when I grow up! xx

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