Thursday, 24 February 2011

A Tribal Otherness…….

I found these awe inspiring images via -a fabulous blog reporting on all the fabulous happenings in the world of fashion, especially the black fashionista in Australia et al. I was soo effected (and don’t why) by these images that I just had to investigate further -and I’m exhausted. I’m thinking, just as black models are coming back -do you think they are now having to complete with errr models of all races -as the industry decides that it would rather book another race of model, and black them up, achieve that coveted ’white gal dipped in chocolate look -rather than book a real (is that the right word?) or lets say, someone who is naturally black (goodness is that right too)? See, I told you I was exhausted by all this. It all seems to come back to race -but if the truth be known, I’m kind of offended now…..this blacking up thing has gone on for far too long! Yes I’m loving all this black is beautiful, and Africa is HOT -goodness knows we have waited long enough, but this blacking up thing is taking work away from err models of black origin (there, -that sounds about right, Oh I don‘t know what is black??) I better leave it there, I need to grease my afro-hair, comb it and lovingly wrap it in my Hermes silk scarf…..see ya x

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  1. As time goes by. tribal fashion is becoming modernize with the mode of costume colors. although the culture identity of tribal fashion is there, you can notice the changes of it.