Saturday, 28 March 2009

Art: Grace Jones

I popped into my favourite charity shop last week and fell in love with an Ercol original. The settee was in excellent condition -and the grey textured fabric, was very chichi (it also had accompanying footstools). Unfortunately, I don't have the space (or money) and had to walk away from it. It would have been lovely, -to be a lady who lives in a pulchritudinous house with original Retro Furniture by Ercol -never mind (it will happen at the right time). Thankful it was not a wasted journey. I bought Grace Jones' Nightclubbing LP years ago but unfortunately, I managed to rip off a part of the cover (when I removed the price tag) -and this put my nose out of joint. Anyway, as I love my covers -perfect, I kind of didn't celebrate this piece of art, as I should have (it was never displayed). Well you can image my joy when I came across another copy of the above in mint condition -I snapped it up, and skipped my way out of the shop. I am now enjoying the latest edition to my art collection. I love this record sleeve, it is fierce -Grace looks like an African carving. Viva Grace.

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