Friday, 13 March 2009

Fashion: Austere Style

I believe that style is innate but even if it doesn't come naturally -don't worry, you can apply the following three rules and make a difference. One -Know your fabrics. If you know the difference between man-made fabrics and natural fabrics -you are half way there. Man-made fabrics on anyone over the age of fifteen is a no no. A cheap acrylic roll neck under a cheap wannabe leather jacket (you know the ones) on top of polyester trousers looks cheap. This look is not only flammable but will make any one over a size ten look desperate or JJC (Jackie just come). Remember, even if you are feeling the crunch per say -a plain white t-shirt over well cut denim jeans (for example) from a charity shop or Primark is better than a flammable designer mess.
Two -Don't play the clown. No one over the age of 21 can get away with wearing more than three block colours at a time. Bar nightclubs -a red jacket, over a green t-shirt on top of pink trouser with red shoes and orange handbag during the day is whack -why do it?
Three -only buy quality accessories (especially if you are approaching your mid twenties). You can buy real leather handbags from T.K Maxx for less than £50.00 but if leather is a no no (ethical reasons etc) then a lovely cotton canvass bag from any high street shop is fine. If you are going to buy metal jewellery -buy a precious one. You can buy silver or gold earrings from any high street for under £10.00. Cheap shoes are the worst -there is nothing tackier. It's fabulous when you are seventeen and thin to wear plastic Lime green shoes or (and I see this a lot) cheap wannabe leather Ugg boots from Dalston Market but this doesn't work if you are twenty five plus (no matter how hot you are). Every savvy fashionista knows that quality apparel can be bought from anywhere (stop being a snob) and I can attest to this -I have a couple of lovely leather pumps from Asda. If leather is too pricey (or not for you) then converse type shoes will do -believe it or not, they age well (just like leather). I am loving the gorgeous 9ct Gold Capped Hoops (above) from Argos. They are on trend, real gold and a bargain at £26.99 -what's not to love. You do not have to compromise on style because of the 'crunch' -the high streets are full of fabulous bargains if you follow the above rules. (Cat no. 210/2133) www.argos.couk

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