Saturday, 14 March 2009

Fashion: Alexander McQueen

I'm wondering, is Alexander McQueen designing for Target (the American New Look) an indicator of our present economic climate or is this (business venture) the future of fashion. Off cause he is not the first, other uber designers like Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, avant-garde Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf and Italian designer Roberto Cavalli have all successfully designed for the international Swedish fashion brand H&M -but there were other collaborations that didn't work. Think Jasper Conran, as far as I'm concerned he lost his edge after designing for Debenhams and as for Pearce Fionda -I don't believe they ever truly recovered after designing for the aforementioned. But it is not all doom and gloom at Debenhams -designer Betty Jackson's Black label and aspirational jewellery brand, Erickson Beamon's EB collection are very successful.
After a closer look at the 'McQueen Collection' for Target -I am relived. I love McQueen -there are very few designers who can create one fierce collection after another without compromise. I love his style, his integrity and off cause his creations are pure art. But I was concerned. I feel that most designers don't give their best when they design for the high street market. I have seen creations by world renowned designers that lacked originality, design, quality and respect for their collaboration but thankfully there is nothing to worry about -McQueen has stayed true to himself. He has managed to produce a coveted capsule collection at basement prices for the fashion savvy working woman without taking the piss. I love the tiger-print silk shift dress in pink and black (unfortunately it has sold out) and the Liela-print T-shirt in black with zigzag-print leggings in pink and black above. kudos Alexander McQueen.

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