Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Fashion: 80's Purple

I'm a bit funny about 80's flash-ion. Sometimes I really love it -but I have...errrm... kind of, hated it [tire of it] -of late (all I have to do - is step outside of my front door and I'm bombarded with 'Baaaaaad 80's, 'poly-stretchy-horrors'. But that was before I found, '80's Purple'. This fabulous website is a good antidote for all those yukky over-exposed, cheapo, 'jagger-jagger-my-mate-Shaz-has-one-so-I-must-get-one' -gear, spilling out of 'Dull' shops at present. The 80's Purple website is its full of edgy; sexy, on trend stuff, -and is more, 'Sheena Easton' -and less 'Toyah' Willcox -emmm. Just check out; Insight's cotton jersey, 'Women's Sparkle Motion Dress' (Faded Fluro). This printed v-neck tee dress with contrast side panels and cut out shoulder detail is so hot. ($58.00). And who would have thought that 'La Lohan' was a talented designer? Her crazy-sexy, '6126 by Lindsay Lohan - Zebra- Print' ski-pants [to us] and stirrup [to them] are fabulous ($72.00). I loves this website -where else can you buy innovative designs like; Toms [Vegan Friendly], 'Women's Wrap Boot (Grey)' -ideal for chunky ankles -like mine (For every pair of you purchase, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need -$98.00). I'm also loving these, '80%20 Women's Molly' [Natural] canvas and leather open toe hidden wedge -they have something of the Vivienne Westwood about them ($116.00). Feast your eyes on, Han Cholo's 'Ghettoblaster Necklace (Baby Vermeil)' -it is blingtastic ($255.00) -and Bijules, 'Mini-Curved Bar Ring (14k Vermeil)' -how sexy are they? ($229.00). For more fabulous-ness visit: http://www.80spurple.com

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