Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Fashion: Must have 'Doorknockers' at Bling Deenie

Have you ever felt like someone has climbed into your head and stolen your ideas? Well the uber on trend [and International trend-scout and fashion stylist] Nadine Hutchinson, -affectionately known as 'Deenie' has fabulous taste/talent -and is creating the type of jewellery I would make if -I was a ...errrm -a person who made jewellery. Every piece is hot -and I totally agree with her when she describes Bling Deenie's style as, "inspiration from the timeless style of eccentric rock chicks, queens of the dancehall and the flamboyance of Tokyo's Harajuku district". There are too many fabulous pieces to choose from so I have selected a cross section of designs -to feast your eyes.......Check out the rest at:

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