Friday, 26 June 2009

Fashion et al Hearts Kelis

Where do I start with sister Kelis? Her milkshake, her hair, her super-bad-arse-ness, 'big pimping-ness' -is often imitated but never perfected. Hot -and soon to be yummy mummy -this firecracker is one of a kind. I love how she is... teddy boy one minute, an 80's go-go dancer the next, then a hot showgirl -and just when you think you have her style/look box-ed in, -she comes with something different. Hot and, outside-of-the-box -Kelis is fierce. And even though she doesn't always get it right [who does?] -she always looks like she having %^%$£ fun -good for you -Kelis......................xx

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