Friday, 26 June 2009

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I don't know about you, but I no longer buy anything for my home unless it's 'special'. Yes, it has to be functional and beautiful (a la William Morris); -but it must also be, 'built-to-last' and delight and inspire me. Because gone are the [wasteful] days of old -when you could afford to buy cheap bits and bobs [that last for a few months -and then need replacing etc]. The 'crunch' demands discipline, ethical, sustainable and sensible purchasing, -conspicuous consumption is died folks. Good sold furniture from local auctions, charity shops, antique shops and car boot sales along side a few choice 'new' pieces -is more appealing than a house bursting with 'flat pack' consumables. Caution, good cheap furniture can be addictive. Know your [home's] needs (they are different from your wants), -and if you are patient, -your interiors will speak to you and tell you what it needs, -because a Victorian semi has very different needs to a 70's tower block. It is also important to know your style, the size of the room -because if you don't know the aforementioned, you stand -to waste money and time. Also, a house full of clutter is a house full of clutter but a warm home, lovingly filled with a few choice pieces of furniture; books, art, plants and lovely crockery, is the most successful.

I love my crockery, but this hasn't always been the case. After I left home, I became a bit of an Ikea junkie (and whilst I still love Ikea and still buy their homeware) -I now prefer a mixture of old, new and eclectic -crockery [I can't stand that matchy, matchy look -and feel that a yummy mix of different plates -looks best]. Because, crockery like your clothes -should reflect your personality, -be stylish and inspired. Remember, style is life -and even the humble toast taste better when eaten off a statement plate. I have many different styles of crockery -but I refuse to be precious about them [life is too short blah blah] -and my four year old also uses them and enjoys them.

As I stated before -I favour a more eclectic mix of new (LSA and Linea from the House of Fraser), the classic (Royal Albert's Old Country Roses tea set, Wedgwood pieces and some hand painted delicate pieces etc) and Retro and collectibles pieces (like my 50's Midwinter collection, 60's floral pieces by Meakin, Hornsea tea caddy set and uber pieces like -the 'Sunflower set -above). Enjoy my collections above -and be inspired. If you have pictures, or know of any fantastic place(s) to buy fabulous crockery -let me know [it is a passion of mine] at:

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