Saturday, 9 January 2010

Could Jada Pinkett Smith be the next big Fashionista?

I’ve always respected and loved the ever ‘sparkly’ Jada Pinkett Smith but she has never been on my style radar. Always groomed to within an inch of her life; with beautiful clear skin, –this petite lover of the long/maxi ‘Oscar ball gown’ [this is a no-no folks], –photographed [far too] often drowning in too much material, looking way too mature for her age –causing her to look a lot shorter than she actually is –has morphed. Well, I stumbled across the last photo [above] of the lovely Jada in a ruffled one shoulder top and black midi skirt combo fabulousness -and just had to celebrate her. I also googled for more images and low-and-behold, -American Vogue’s has now created a file for Jada in their ‘Celebrity Style Search’ section [no small feat people]. Bravo Jada… I look forward to more from fashion’s latest darling -and will keep you posted…x

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