Saturday, 30 January 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Connie Mitchell

As I sit here at my laptop –eating my grilled chicken [I only do protein now] and type away, I’m sooo in awe of Australian rock'n'roller Connie Mitchell of the band -'Sneaky Sound Systems'. Its not easy being a big gal in a world where [it would appear] that only skinny gals win! I’m ashamed to put this out there but I have turned down a couple of offers –that would have seen my blog given huge exposure –but because it would involve me being shot, –I declined.

I wish to goodness that I had that 'thing' that Beth Ditto, Anita Blay [thecockandbullkid], actress -Gabourey Sidibe, Connie Mitchell et al -all have but I don’t [please note, I’m now doing something about it because I haven’t always being this size –no sirree]......And so, images of Goddess Connie enjoying her curves [unashamedly] -have to be applauded and celebrated [plus its only her, Anita Blay and Beth Ditto who can honestly claim to be ‘Goddess Stylistas’-representing for all the uber stylish plus size beauties out there].

Just feat your eyes on Connie in all her eclectic, flashy, bold accessories, one off dresses, crazy tights and colourful sunglasses in the winter –fabulousness. There are days when I can’t quite tear myself away from my latest black second-hand stretchy Ghost dress –and to see Connie in bold prints, horizontal stripes [across her ample bust], voluminous crazy dresses and skyscraper heels –just warms the cockles of my heart. I salute you Connie – ‘rock-on-with-your-bad-self’....xx

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