Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year ......2010 is the year of ‘New Beginnings’, ‘Restoration’ and ‘Recompense’ [Amen] ..the year of the Susan Boyle(s).....xx

It’s important to acknowledge and thank God that we [and ours] have made it into the New Year [Amen]! Its also important for me to thank my son [‘King’ Alexander ‘Jojo’ Opoku] for being a good boy –and for allowing me [well most days –anyway] to ‘do’ and to be ‘me’. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you [my fabulous readers –especially my subscribers] for your continued support.

I started this blog last year –after closing my model agency [well, the truth is –as a business, the agency was already over –but I was hanging onto it –as I fought to get funding for a magazine -I want to lunch later this year]. And so, my two blogs were born out of a need [a real need] -to keep ‘keeping on’ [Amen]. As you can tell, your sister Paulina just doesn’t do sitting still –and thus, these two blogs have been –and continue to be part of my healing [and my need to ‘express’ myself].

Many of you will relate –when I say that last year –wasn’t easy. A year of LESSONS and GROWTH and COMEBACKS [Amen], -2009 seemed to be a year of ‘one trial after another’ –but thank God that even if ‘weeping endures for a night, –joy will always come in the morning [to those who believe] -Amen. Also, many of us watched as one after another, -‘other’ less talented folks - jumped ahead or were promoted. Many of us had one door after another -shut in our faces –wondering why in the name of fashion did we choose our [chosen] professions, –whilst many [myself included] were literally resurrected like Lazarus from the grave [Amen] –but fear not, -2010 is not just about the ubiquitous fresh start [we all get at the beginning of the year] but about ‘Restoration’, ‘Recompense’ –and ‘Meritocracy’ [Amen]. God is going to restore all that was stolen from you [by the devil or anyone else]; all that was withheld from you’ –and [will] give you back what is rightfully ‘yours’ [Amen] -just like Susan Boyle [-you will dream a dream]!

You will not -be left behind. In fact, many will feel that you have been ‘fast tracked’ –as you overtake [them] and thrive. And note, you will find that the lessons learned [those very ‘lessons’ that once hurt you, -made ‘others’ pity you –and made you the focus of scorn and ridicule] –are the very lessons needed in the positions that God is promoting you too. Because when you have crawled back from hell –what can you not do, achieve or gain –by God’s Grace?

Remember, in 2010 you will not be left behind –but be in front [Amen]. You will be fabulous, ‘excellent’ and powerful but beware, –your ‘Blessings’ might just overwhelm you! Stay beautiful and keep loving…. Paulina Opoku-Gyimah xx

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